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6 huge Home and Away questions that needs to be answered after this week’s Australian episodes


Tori and Christian are in trouble, while Nikau and Bella are dealing with their own problems.

In the wake of Lewis’s crimes, tensions between Tori and Christian simmered on Australia’s Home and Away this week.

In other news, Nikau’s new modelling career threatened to derail his relationship with Bella, and Dean warned Mac about her downward spiral.

Following the new Australian episodes, we were left with six major questions.

  1. Is Tori and Christian’s marriage in jeopardy?

After his near-death encounter at the hands of Lewis, Christian is a completely different person. Viewers have noticed that he’s been more contemplative and philosophical in recent days, as well as loving the adrenaline rush of casual acts like skinny-dipping in the sea and speeding.

Tori, his fiancée, isn’t a fan of the ‘new’ Christian and has consistently questioned him on his out-of-character conduct. Tori is struggling to communicate with Christian in the way she used to, as he is obviously looking for a new path in life that he can’t quite pin down.

With Tori and Christian’s wedding approaching and tensions increasing, some fans are beginning to wonder if they’ll even make it down the aisle. Is this one last hiccup before the wedding, or a schism that will eventually separate them?

  1. Can Nikau’s new job drive Bella away?

This week, Nikau’s new modelling career demanded all of his attention, prompting him to keep abandoning Alf at the bait store. When his agent Sienna insisted on planning an impromptu photoshoot, he was forced to cancel quality time with his girlfriend Bella.


Bella is once again faced with the daunting prospect of watching Nikau get up close and personal with fellow model Allegra, as if the disruption of plans wasn’t bad enough.

Uncomplicated Sienna has planned a sultry beach photoshoot for the two, and she’s given Allegra the task of finding natural chemistry with Nikau at the end of the week. Is Bella going to be left out in the cold?

  1. Will Tane be able to make it work with Ziggy?

Tane and Ziggy’s relationship reached another stumbling block when he expressed an interest in moving in with her. Tane was concerned that he’d made a mistake by suggesting the idea too soon, because Ziggy didn’t immediately accept it.

Tane had never lived with a woman before, according to Mia, indicating how serious he must be about their relationship. Ziggy needed more time to reflect, but when Mia stated that Tane had never lived with a girlfriend before, he was fascinated.


Tane’s final heartfelt speech about his love for Ziggy sealed the agreement, and she agreed to let him move in. Is it likely that they will be able to make it work? At least one Summer Bay pair must be happy…

  1. Will Mac pay attention to Dean’s warning?

Following the tragic loss of her daughter, Mac has continued to drink heavily and lash out at those around her. She hasn’t reconciled with Ryder since he left Salt, and she also passed up a chance to reconcile with Ziggy after being ejected from the Astonis’ farmhouse.

The week ended with Mac telling her brother Dean that she didn’t need his help and couldn’t depend on him, despite him providing her with a place to stay when she was at her lowest point.

Dean was offended by Mac’s blunt words and warned her that if she continued down this self-destructive road, she would lose all she cared for. Is Mac, on the other hand, still having trouble paying attention?

  1. Is it true that Leah is being fed more lies?

Kieran, Susie, and Lewis, all newcomers to Summer Bay, have made a bad name for themselves recently, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

Despite this string of bad luck, Leah was swift to greet newcomer Stephen when he arrived and revealed himself as another victim of Susie’s con.


Leah was able to team up with Stephen in her quest for Susie, but some Home and Away fans believe she is too trusting in the circumstances. Is Stephen the real deal, or did Susie send an accomplice to sabotage Leah’s search?

  1. Does Ryder and Chloe’s business strategy have a chance of succeeding?

Unemployed for the first time The Stewart family pressed Ryder and Chloe to find jobs rather than spend their days lounging on the beach.

Needing to come up with a new business idea, the pair decided to open their own food truck in Summer Bay, prompting warnings about the high start-up costs.

The company plans of Ryder and Chloe seem to be well-intentioned, but we haven’t forgotten about the recent Home and Away spoiler of a food truck exploding and causing carnage in the Bay. The countdown to the soap’s next big stunt appears to have begun.

The aforementioned scenes were shot in February and will air later this year.

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