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Neighbours star Alan Fletcher reveals last four weeks of axed soap are ‘incredible’


Alan Fletcher has assured viewers that the much-loved show Neighbours would conclude on a high note.

The 65-year-old actor confessed it’s difficult filming his final scenes, but viewers have a lot to look forward to. He originally featured as Dr. Karl Kennedy on the Australian serial in 1994 after briefly playing mechanic Greg Cooper seven years previously.

He made an appearance on Monday’s broadcast of This Morning and stated: “The stories over the previous four weeks have been tremendous… We are aware that many characters will be back, but the writers have been very crafty.

They have incorporated characters from previous works. They return for a tale, so it’s not gratuitous.


The two biggest stars returning to Ramsay Street will definitely be Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue as Charlene and Scott Robinson. Guy Pearce will also be stopping by to say goodbye.

“Everyone wants to return and express gratitude. He’s a major movie star, dude. When I last saw him, it was precisely like we were there,” Alan affirmed.

As the closing scenes drew near, he offered some words of wisdom to his castmates, saying: “I said to people towards the end of it, we should allow ourselves to be sorry that the voyage’s done, but we have to be so glad we got to go on the adventure at all!”

Although he claimed that with an annual rolling contract, the thought of being cut was always in the back of his mind, he took it to heart as he had “a bit of a tear” in his eye after watching a montage of his tenure on the drama.


You’re ready to leave every year, he said. I’ve been there for 28 years, but every year you’re a feather duster one day and a rooster the next. Anything might happen to change it.

Fortunately, Alan took advantage of the opportunity and was able to steal something from the set before leaving for good. He was thrilled with the special piece of Neighbours history he was able to take home.

Every time, the tears are genuine and feel genuine at the time. Jackie and him ’ Being on the show was really great and enjoyable. I had contacts. Everyone was great in every way. They talk about Neighbours having a family feel, and that was definitely the case in 1997.

“There were people running around sticking stickers on stuff like that was going to mean something,” he recounted. Some folks did, in fact, receive the images they desired. I took pictures of each image in the hallways.


All of the cast shots were taken despite the fact that they were all protected by glass. I showed them the picture that was on the Kennedy set. In 1976, I was performing in a play as an actor.

I was sporting a safari suit and an awful moustache. At least in theory, that was Karl Kennedy in college. Everyone desired that picture, I suppose. After we completed the final scene, the cut was initiated. I simply turned around, snatched it up, and tucked it under my coat.

ITV broadcasts This Morning at 10am on weekdays. Channel 5 broadcasts Neighbours weekdays at 1.45 and 6.

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