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Home and Away Spoilers – Will Dean stop Ziggy following her dream?


Home and Away in Australia will soon include Ziggy getting restless as her dreams rekindle and Rose pondering her and Xander’s future in Summer Bay.

Last week, when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) surprised her with an impromptu surfing trip, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) finally experienced some of the thrill she had been yearning for in her relationship with him.

Since Ziggy’s lock-in with newcomer Remi (Adam Rowland) in a barn overnight following a failed attempt to locate him a new tour van for the band, things had been tense between the two.

Remi had jokedly flirted with Ziggy during his brief stay at Summer Bay, intentionally agitating Dean, whom he perceived as Ziggy’s guard dog.


Despite the fact that nothing negative occurred between the two, Ziggy continued to feel bad and tried her best to avoid Remi in case Dean overheard her talking to him, which is precisely what he did once Mackenzie (Emily Weir) advised her to move on.

Ziggy ultimately understood that while she didn’t feel a particular connection to Remi, the fact that he had flirted with her gave her a sense of exclusivity that she was beginning to miss in her committed relationship with Dean.

Ziggy told Dean, “I adore you, and everything we have. Simply said, “A female needs more than pizza, drink, and football sometimes.”

While Dean was trying to get Mac to tell him what a lady wanted, he quickly realised what he needed to know for himself. When Ziggy saw Dean securing their surfboards to the car, she was thrilled to learn they were going on a surfing trip.


Ziggy, on the other hand, is jolted back to reality this week when she returns to Summer Bay.

After joining the band Lyrik, Ziggy’s apprentice Theo (Matt Evans) was able to fulfil a lifelong goal, and the trip away rekindled her own aspirations to travel and surf.

But she now feels like Summer Bay is holding her down too tightly for that to be the case.

She says, “I know it can’t happen, it’s just something you dream of.


When Justin (James Stewart) tries to show her all the positive comments Theo is receiving from the concerts, her frustrations only increase.

She tells Justin, “I get it, Theo is crushing it, but I just don’t want to hear it.”

Dean wonders if he did anything to cause her reaction after hearing about it, but Ziggy says she is solely to blame.

Dean continues to worry that it’s his own ties to the bay that are actually holding her back as she says that she had always imagined hitting the road to compete in surfing competitions all down the coast. Concerns for Dean include his board shop and his seven-year-old kid Jai (River Jarvis).

Sister Mac assures them that he can’t stop Ziggy from pursuing her goal as he offloads to her.

Does Ziggy still have access to Summer Bay?


Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who is also contemplating her future, isn’t the only one; she too questions her role in Summer Bay.


Along with her stepsister Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) decision to leave her loved ones behind in order to stay at the Shaw family farm, Rose was devastated last week when buddy Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) decided he no longer wanted to see her.

Cash has suffered with Jasmine’s abandonment, especially after she didn’t come back after learning that he had been battling for his life after being wounded. He had intended to propose to her before he realised she wasn’t coming back.

Cash begged Rose and Xander (Luke Van Os), Jasmine’s siblings, to give him some space because he found it too distressing to see them.

Rose was startled to learn that Paramedic Xander’s coping technique of obtaining tattoos for the people that he’s lost is a result of his recent struggles with the repercussions of losing a patient.

This week, when she gets home, she discovers him putting an ice pack on a fresh wound he surreptitiously had done a couple of weeks prior; it has since become infected.

The siblings have a heart-to-heart as Rose takes care of Xander’s skin, and Rose suggests that perhaps it’s time for both of them to leave Summer Bay.

Theo and Kirby, two band members, finally started a forbidden romance last week after months of tension between them. Since they first met, there had been a lot of chemistry between them, and the couple’s first kiss happened soon after Theo was hired as the band’s new lead vocalist.

Later, when Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) saw the couple having another short fling on the sand, they convened a band meeting and promptly put a stop to any inter-band romances. Eden and Remi had seen it all before—in Kirby’s prior relationship with recently deceased Bob—while Theo was unable to recognise the issue (Rob Mallett).

Theo and Kirby snuck away to share a kiss last week at a spontaneous gathering in the backyard to celebrate Justin getting the band a new tour van.

Kirby made it obvious the following morning that it could not happen again—the band needs to come first. Despite the fact that they ultimately spent the night together at Theo’s.

All it took for Kirby to change her mind was for Theo to serenade her in the backyard garden, but only under the strict condition that they keep it a secret. However, the two were discovered within days when Justin caught them half-dressed in the kitchen.

However, Justin later remarked that Theo and Kirby couldn’t keep their eyes off one other throughout that evening’s gig—how long could they really keep it a secret in a town like Summer Bay? Justin decided to keep quiet, pledging to keep Theo’s aunt Leah (Ada Nicodemou) from knowing as well.

The band is by far the most important thing to them both, so even though they can’t stop touching, Matt told Yahoo Lifestyle that they plan to keep their relationship a secret as long as they can.

Theo gets into a sticky situation this week when Eden and Remi push him to flirt with a girl at Salt to show that he’s past his feelings for Kirby. Even Kirby joins in the cheerleading as they try to persuade the girl to give him a kiss.

Theo decides to merely acquire the girl’s number against the advice of his friends, but it’s enough to make him feel awkward in front of Kirby.

Matt stated, “The entire time he’s only doing it to safeguard the relationship with Kirby. He only wants Kirby and doesn’t want to get anyone else’s number.

In the end, Theo makes the difficult choice to stop the relationship. He chooses to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. Theo has always wanted to be a member of a band, but he can’t risk giving up that ambition now, just because he’s in love, and he also doesn’t want them to be living a lie.

But does that actually spell the end for the couple?

Matt continued, “I think that Theo is just too smitten with Kirby to give up on her. She is amazing with him. She fits all of his criteria and is a gorgeous musician.

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