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EXCLUSIVE: “Embarrassing, I know”: Home and Away newcomer Sofia Nolan dishes on her “un-Australian” start to the new gig


Recently, a newcomer to Summer Bay has viewers of Home and Away wondering, and Marilyn is more than a little concerned.
Recently, Heather (Sofia Nolan), who had asked for assistance with a law school application, got Roo (Georgie Parker) to instruct her.

The young woman’s personal story moved Roo when they first met in the diner, but as Heather was leaving, she sneakily snapped a photo of Marilyn.
We enquired of Sofia about her persona.

How did you come to play Heather?

via my fantastic agent. The brief truly caught my attention because of Heather’s vibrant personality and the intriguing plot. A week after my audition, I was offered the part. Such a lovely surprise, that was. In the kitchen, my mother and I literally leaped with pleasure.


Who is she like?

A force to be reckoned with, Heather. Her positive outlook and spirit are impressive given her relatively terrible family and upbringing. She is passionate about family law and wants to support others who have gone through similar difficulties.

Did you grow up watching Home And Away?

Funny enough, before starting this work, I had never watched an entire episode. How am I allowed to say I’m Australian? [Laughs] As opposed to most people, my parents raised my big sister and I on The Simpsons and Looney Tunes, so I hadn’t grown up watching the program. Being warmly welcomed as a team member increased the excitement even more.



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