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Home and Away Spoilers – Millie blackmails Xander as her memory returns


Millie resorts to blackmail as she recalls the cause of her and Logan’s accident this week on Home and Away in Australia, while Bella receives an unexpected guest.

Logan Bennett’s (Harley Bonner) future is on a knife’s edge right now, as police examine the cause of his recent vehicle accident.

Logan was driving along Reefton Lakes Road when he crashed with Millie’s (Zara Zoe) car, with Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Xander (Luke Van Os) arriving shortly after.

Millie’s passenger and best friend Jo was tragically found dead nearby, having died of a head injury while leaving to seek assistance.


Xander was on present to conduct an emergency treatment on Millie in her car while simultaneously keeping her from learning the truth about her companion, and has been on the lookout for her ever since.

Logan went to see Millie to see whether she’d started to recall anything about the accident, but he was stopped by Xander, who begged him to leave because his presence was bothering her.

When he later expressed his displeasure with Logan to Jasmine, she shared what Logan had told her privately—that he was most likely the cause of the tragedy.

Millie was disappeared when Xander returned to the hospital. She had really arrived at Summer Bay’s beach, where she went to enter the water fully dressed.


Just as Xander and Jasmine arrived to assist her, lifeguard Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) arrived to rescue her out of the dangerous surf.

Millie regained consciousness as Xander frantically gave her CPR, and she immediately began ranting about how she was responsible for Jo’s death.

Xander then told Jasmine, to to her surprise, that the accident was entirely Logan’s responsibility and that she had nothing to do with it.

This week, however, Millie makes a breakthrough when facts of the accident begin to surface, and it appears that she WAS at blame after all!


Millie’s guilt returns as she mourns the loss of her best friend, and Xander tries to console her, but he’s taken aback when she refuses to go to the police with the truth.

“Are you sure you can keep this secret for the rest of your life?” In the preview for Monday’s show, Xander appears to ask her.

Xander later asks if she’s changed her mind; she can’t let an innocent man be charged with death by dangerous driving, right?

When Millie says she isn’t going to change her mind, Xander says he has no choice but to go to the police himself.

Millie, on the other hand, suddenly turns on Xander and threatens to report him for harassment if he continues!

Xander’s frequent visits to Millie have already been discussed by several people around the bay, so such an accusation would be damaging to Xander, especially since he’s in the running for a job at the Yabbie Creek ambulance station.


Millie turns around and says, “It’s not like you don’t have a history of it!” It appears that Millie has learned that Xander has a history of forming overly close bonds with patients.

“We’re not going through all of this again, stay away from that girl,” Rose says to her brother in another scene in the trailer.

Will Xander risk his career by speaking up, or will he be forced to let Logan go down for an accident that wasn’t his fault?

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