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Home and Away spoilers: WHO gives Remi a SHOCK ULTIMATUM?


On Home and Away (1:45pm; check our TV Guide for listings), Adam Rowland’s character Remi Carter is unassailable when it comes to riding his motorcycle.

Remi is eager to fully recover and go back on the road after getting knocked from his motorcycle during a hit-and-run incident, even though it was a near-fatal event.

In today’s Australian soap opera, rock star Remi is treated to a pleasant surprise when he learns that his motorcycle has been covertly totally restored by local garage owner Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and Lyrik bandmate Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson)!

Remi is so happy!


However, his joy is fleeting…

Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin), Remi’s girlfriend who works as a hospital doctor, is not as enthusiastic as he is.
Bree breaks Remi’s bubble by saying that their relationship is over if he gets back on that bike.

What or who will Remi decide on?

When Cash Newman (played by Nicholas Cartwright) gets home, he’s in for a surprise since his sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is on a mission: she wants to become a foster parent!


How long ago was that?

Felicity tells Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), her now-ex-husband, about the circumstances surrounding the abandoned baby girl he discovered on the beach.

Nonetheless, Cash has some SERIOUS queries for Felicity.

Is she truly ready to take on the role of a babysitter?


She has, after all, expressed her thoughts that she isn’t ready to become a mother in the past.

which finally caused her and Tane’s marriage to fail!

What, then, has changed?

Is Felicity secretly thinking that she can save her relationship with Tane by taking in little Maia?

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