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Home and Away Spoilers – John’s surprising wedding gift to Leah and Justin


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, John finds the ideal wedding present for Leah and Justin, while Cash receives a job offer from a well-known actress. Will they reciprocate his enthusiasm?

Next week, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) will be attending an interview for a job as a bodyguard, which could lead to another possible profession.

Since leaving the police department last month due to a suspension resulting from his efforts to shield Dana Matheson (Ally Harris) from police corruption, Cash has been employed as a security guard.

When Cash was eventually allowed to go back, his responsibilities were scaled back and he was demoted from his Senior Constable position. Cash logically advised them to screw it.


It hasn’t been as rewarding to patrol Yabbie Creek’s nasty streets and shopping malls, though. Even though he dabbled in private investigator work for a little while—Roo (Georgie Parker) hired him to track down the anonymous donor who gave the surf club $30,000—that side gig came to an abrupt stop when Alf (Ray Meagher) called him and admitted, “It was me.”

After asking the security agency about any other, more difficult positions that might fit his background better, he is optimistic when he receives an invitation to interview for a position providing personal security.

When Cash arrives at a remote marina, he walks up to a huge opulent vessel. Another candidate gets off the boat while he is doing this, shakes his hand, and bids him “good luck.”

Entering the boat, Cash is unsure of what to expect. To his surprise, he discovers a giant poster for “Death Throes,” a critically praised film starring Stevie Marlow, which he is unaware of.


Then Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) herself shows in, identifying herself as the unidentified customer. As he introduces himself, Cash has no idea that he is in the company of a well-known horror movie star.

When Cash asks if she’d like to begin the interview, Stevie circles around him, looking up and down, only for Stevie to respond that she has already. She takes him out to an opulent lunch that is waiting for them.

The prior applicant didn’t pass because, as Stevie explains, he didn’t look well in a suit—after all, a significant portion of the work will include being photographed with her. Cash, though, doesn’t seem to have to worry about failing to meet that prerequisite.

Stevie goes right to the point when Cash denies a feed and clarifies that he is only there for the interview.


She gives Cash a police file and tells him she’s being harassed by a ‘fan’ who got into her bedroom and took pictures while she was asleep. She has been threatened with death ever since, which is why she is currently living on a boat.

Cash cautions Stevie that she must take more extreme measures to safeguard herself, including removing herself from social media and postponing any public appearances until the offender is apprehended. But Stevie declines, saying she has to attend press junkets for her next film.

Cash informs Stevie that he can’t help her if she won’t make those sacrifices after realising that she won’t back down.

Nevertheless, before leaving, Cash calls his employer at the security company to let him know how bad Stevie’s position is. Living on that yacht makes Stevie a sitting duck, and she needs to get off it right away.

When Cash reveals to Eden at home that the interview was for Stevie Marlow, she is shocked. Cash informs Eden about his interview.

When Cash and Eden leave the house early the following morning, a flash automobile arrives on Saxon Avenue.


“No one says no to me,” is the message Stevie gives Cash as she rolls down the window.

Is Cash’s profession about to get a whole lot more glamorous? He shows Stevie around the mansion with a star-struck Eden by his side.

In another scene in Summer Bay, John (Shane Withington) thinks of the perfect wedding present for Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) after learning that their engagement is once again on.

With Leah’s stay in a mental health clinic behind her, the pair has been making baby steps towards getting their relationship back on track in recent weeks. Leah agreed to continue their engagement this past week, but she began to have second thoughts about it after Irene (Lynne McGranger) made sure things weren’t moving too quickly for her.

Leah called the clinic because she wasn’t sure how she was feeling. The staff indicated that her anxiousness might be a sign that she still had more work to do, so she decided to come back for a week.

She happily put on her engagement ring as she walked out, assuring Justin that the wedding would still go ahead.

When Irene and Marilyn (Emily Symons) break the news to John the following week, he wants to go over and congratulate the happy couple right away. Irene forgets that John is unaware of Leah’s prior visit and inadvertently reveals that she is back at the clinic.

When he eventually catches up with Justin, he congratulates him, but he also tries to insert himself by making a joke about how worried he would be if his betrothed had checked herself into a clinic prior to their wedding.

John is called out by Irene, and after apologising to Justin, he is confirmed to be correct. If only Leah could be here right now, they could plan the wedding together.

After telling Justin that all of his pals are willing to assist, John mulls over what he could do personally to aid.

John rings around a few celebrants and then heads back to the diner to tell Marilyn and Irene about his audacious scheme. He intends to wed Justin and Leah directly!

He talked to several celebrants, but they all charged a lot of money, and he doesn’t think any of them would be a suitable fit for his friends. So, he wants to become a certified marriage celebrant and officiate at the ceremony.

Irene believes they should be concerned since Marilyn subtly informs her that John will object to the proposal once he sees the expenses involved, but Marilyn thinks John is insane.

“You know that look in his eye? I don’t know Maz. He has an imaginary mind, I assure you!

What will Justin and Leah think of John’s suggestion?

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