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Home and Away spoilers: Theo and Kirby’s secret romance is discovered


Although they are aware that Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) have forbidden relationships inside the group, Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) just began a covert romance.

band. Theo instantly welcomes Kirby to his home when he is alone there. Eden and Remi are amused as Kirby hurries out of the house after receiving the text from Theo while offering flimsy justifications.

Theo is eager to get started when he gets to the house, but Kirby sets some ground rules because they must play at performances together. They decide to keep their relationship a secret and cherish their private time together.

The good times are however cut short when Justin (James Stewart) enters the house and discovers Theo in just his boxers in the kitchen with Kirby!


A perplexed Justin is given an explanation of the band’s rules by the new couple, who inform him that they must remain hidden because they are not permitted to date other band members.

Justin is on board as long as they keep the passion in the bedroom and out of the kitchen. Theo is certain that his aunt’s boyfriend won’t leak the information, but Kirby is concerned because their secret is already out of control.

Theo and Kirby must later test their own boundaries by acting as though they are merely friends in public while attending the Salt concert. The band performs well, but Theo can’t help but cast a few extra glances Kirby’s way. They struggle to keep their love for one another hidden as they sing some of the more passionate songs.


It is obvious to anyone watching that there are flames between them, so Justin advises the couple to cool it when the band takes a break. As Kirby and Theo start to panic, they decide to put the brakes on.


What if Remi and Eden were alert and were waiting for the ideal opportunity to confront them over breaching the law?

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