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Home and Away Spoilers – Is Bree in danger as her husband arrives?


This week on Australian television’s Home and Away, Ziggy makes a startling decision regarding her pregnancy, while Remi worries for Bree’s safety when her husband arrives in town.

Nearly two months have passed since the arrival of new doctor Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) in Summer Bay, but aside from talking about her career and her passion for surfing, Bree has been quite quiet regarding her personal life.

Bree ultimately consented to go out for a drink with Remi (another newbie who quickly warmed up to the new doctor) after he repeatedly tried to ask her out, but only as a method to meet people in her new hometown.

Bree kept rejecting Remi’s advances, but when the latter became weary of her and inquired as to why, Bree disclosed that she was married!


Bree stated that she didn’t wear a wedding ring owing to them being an infection risk, making Remi feel ashamed and remarking that she could have told him weeks before and prevented him from making a fool of himself.

Bree continued by telling Remi that her husband Jacob was a fly-in, fly-out mechanic in the mines and that they had been high school sweethearts. It indicates that despite spending a lot of time apart—they now haven’t spoken in over two months—they are able to get along.

Bree was clearly jealous when she discovered that Remi had made up a band rehearsal in order to get laid with nurse Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri); it seems that Bree liked part of the attention Remi was providing her after all, despite her admission and Remi’s promise to behave himself.

This week, Bree is taken aback when Jacob (Alex Williams) shows up in Summer Bay unannounced, and it quickly becomes apparent that their connection is much more complicated than first appears.


In tonight’s episode, Jacob approaches Bree and Remi on Salt’s balcony and remarks, “This is cosy.”

While Remi extends his hand to greet his friend’s spouse, Bree instantly leaps to her feet and hugs Jacob. Remi is met with a chilly response.

Jacob accuses Bree of flirting with Remi as soon as they leave the house with him. Bree disputes it, but Jacob turns away from her and says, “I don’t want to hear it,” indicating that he is not interested in hearing her explanation.

Bree appears to be alarmed by her husband’s entrance, as Remi (Luke Van Os), who has noticed the tension, relates to Xander in a conversation.


Remi worries about Bree’s response to her husband’s presence and wonders what’s going through Jacob’s head.

When Bree and Jacob visit the motel, things take an evil turn behind closed doors. Jacob pulls Bree’s wrist and compels her to look him in the eye while she is nearly paralysed with dread.

Tell me once more that nothing is happening between you two. He says with menace.

Prior to Bree’s introduction, it was made known that she had a complicated background that would be explored in the months to come and that she was moving to Summer Bay in search of a new beginning.

Juliet subsequently told TV Week, “At first, she adapts into the Bay well – she likes her new house, the incredible surf and the warm inhabitants. But as the weeks pass, we discover Bree’s story has a bit more to it.

Will it take long for Jacob to reveal his true colours when Remi already has a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong?


As their pregnancy enters the second trimester, expectant parents Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) in Summer Bay finally accomplish a goal.

Ziggy has had morning nausea and dizziness during the past three weeks. The couple tried to keep the pregnancy a secret from everyone but their immediate family until the 12-week mark.

Ziggy decided to withhold the news from her supervisor Justin (James Stewart) after he gave her a promotion, despite the fact that her parents were also notified and Dean’s sister Mackenzie (Emily Weir) had a good idea of what was going on.

Ziggy was obliged to tell Tane (Ethan Browne), who discovered her unconscious on the floor in the garage, the truth after she passed out there after the smell of some chemicals gave her a weird turn.

Initial worries for the infant were present, but a phone call to the nurse quickly allayed Ziggy’s worries.

This week, though, Ziggy abruptly develops a delusional belief that the baby won’t live to term. She cancels the 12-week ultrasound because she’s worried about what the doctor will say to them.

Sophie Dillman acknowledged to Yahoo Lifestyle that portraying Ziggy’s pregnancy opposite her real-life spouse Patrick O’Connor had been an unusual experience.

All of these emotions and ideas—such as, “Oh my god, what will happen if we actually have a baby?”—appear all of a sudden. She spoke. Is this how it functions? I’m scared, will you be scared? Am I supposed to be this ill?

Sophie remarked, “Until you truly experience [pregnancy symptoms], I don’t think you think about them correctly. “However, I’m pretending to experience them, therefore I now have to consider it. Even though it’s quite strange, it’s been a lot of fun. Playing a pregnant woman with mood swings, nausea, and food cravings was a tonne of fun.

The synopses indicate that Ziggy quickly recovers from her most recent stumble because they ultimately break the news during Thursday’s triple-header.

However, it appears that the next difficulty is just around the horizon since a later spoiler implies Dean might not be able to handle seeing the actual birth.

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