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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash cuts Rose out of his life


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Rose considers leaving the bay while Felicity learns the true extent of Cash’s suffering as he settles into the Parata home.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who was shot while performing his job, has been having mental health issues and is still processing what happened during the bikie raid.

Cash asked his coworker Rose for clarification since he couldn’t believe he had killed a man (Kirsty Marillier). She snuck a police report out of the station despite not having been present when the incident occurred to prove to Cash that he wasn’t at fault because he had been forced to shoot Marty (Ben Wood) in self-defense.

Although it was the information that Cash’s sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Rose had hoped for, they were worried that Cash seemed to be unaffected by it.


Flick pleaded with Dr. Bree (Juliet Godwin) to keep Cash in her sight, claiming that despair had led to their father’s suicide, and that she was worried about her brother’s mental health given that his girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) had also recently broken up with him.

Following a terrified phone call from Cash the following week, Flick dashes to the hospital where she discovers him standing up and telling Bree he wants to go. Bree acknowledges that she can’t stop him from going, but she yet emphasises that it goes directly against her doctor’s instructions.

Cash claims that after attending counselling, he is now in a better place, but Flick doubts that this could have happened after just one session because if he were better, he wouldn’t be so eager to return home.

By agreeing to stay with him, Flick is able to persuade Cash to stay at the hospital for one more night, but the following morning he’s still determined to go. Flick questions Bree about Cash’s fitness as he grudgingly departs for physiotherapy.


Bree comes to the conclusion that although he should remain in the hospital on a physical level, he must go home psychologically.

Bree consents to letting Cash go as long as he is released into Flick’s care and keeps receiving treatment. Since Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) home holds memories of Cash’s time with Jasmine, Flick is happy when Tane agrees to let Cash move into the Parata home. She knows that Cash would feel awkward returning to Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) home.

Cash discovers the engagement ring he had intended to propose to Jasmine with when Irene sends the rest of his belongings from the beach house.

He doesn’t tell her the truth until Flick walks in and sees him staring at it; only then does she understand the depth of his grief.


When Rose finds out that Cash has already been discharged from the hospital when she arrives, she becomes irate and tells Nurse Amy (Jazz Laker) that she thinks it is careless. Later, when she confronts Bree about her choice, she makes her remember that she is the one with the medical expertise.

Rose vents to Xander about how nobody has given her updates on Cash, despite the fact that just a week ago she risked her job to help him.

Rose eventually finds Cash and spots him sitting on a seat close to the ocean, but she doesn’t get the reaction she was looking for.

Since he persuaded Rose and Xander to stay in the bay so they could get to know Jasmine, Cash is constantly reminded of how everything he had been working toward has now been lost whenever he sees Rose.


Cash says, “I can’t be near you or Xander.” I need some room.

That evening, when Xander gets home, he discovers his sister on the couch, looking downcast.



Rose informs him that Cash is too hurt to accept their assistance.

Given everything that has transpired, Xander concedes that Cash is probably not to blame for that; yet, Rose begins to wonder where she fits into Summer Bay.

If our sister doesn’t return, I don’t know what I’m doing here if the one friend I’ve made here doesn’t want to interact with me.

The following day, Xander tells Rose that he feels Summer Bay is a good place for them and that he doesn’t want to leave after reflecting on Rose’s revelation.

In addition, Xander is troubled by the infection that has spread to his recent tattoo. After using them as a coping mechanism for losing people in his paramedic work, Xander only recently revealed to Rose the full extent of his tattoos.

After another fatality, Rose and Cash both convinced Xander to seek counselling, but the temptation was too high, and he instead invited a tattoo artist to the flat to decorate his chest once more.

When John (Shane Withington) pats Xander on the shoulder and he winces in pain, John is perplexed. Later, Xander applies an ice pack to the tattoo as Rose enters the room.

Rose recognises the new tattoo right away and instantly concludes that Xander’s coping method hasn’t improved as a result of the counselling.

“Tell me once more how great this location is for you.” Rose says…

Will Rose finally be persuaded that they should leave Summer Bay if this is the case?

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