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Home and Away Spoilers – Stevie in danger as her stalker strikes


This week on Home and Away in Australia, Stevie’s stalker is waiting in the shadows with a knife while she breaks her cover and attends a red carpet event. Can Cash catch up with him?

This week, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) must make a difficult decision after finding out that Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) is scheduled to attend an event that may endanger her life.

Superstar actress Stevie had hired Cash as a personal bodyguard until last week because she was being harassed by an unidentified stalker.


Stevie had previously gotten a concerning picture while she slept, with the numbers 2346 scrawled on the back, when Cash was brought in.


The numbers were immediately linked to the time that the fictitious killer would attack in Stevie’s most recent horror film, “Death Throes.”

Cash quickly put an end to Stevie’s time spent on an opulent yacht anchored in a harbour and relocated her to a safer hotel in the city.

But the location was quickly betrayed when it was discovered that a teddy bear that Stevie’s agent had brought to her room contained a covert camera.

Upon discovering that the stalker had shared a photo of Stevie’s hotel on social media, Cash took her out of the area right away and returned her to his Saxon Avenue house for her protection.


When Cash’s sister Flick (Jacqui Purvis) returned home, she was taken aback to discover the well-known movie star in her living room.

Stevie requested to stay with the Newman siblings even though Cash’s security company offered to find her a new hotel.

Despite Cash’s insistence that she only travel outside the backyard, she has maintained a low profile in Summer Bay. Nevertheless, she has gained the respect of a few locals after she went to bed with her new neighbour Remi (Adam Rowland) and shared a picture of the two on social media.

When Stevie later told Cash that her co-star from the film, Crystal (Sheridan Harbridge), had recently passed away after falling over a cliff, there had been worries about how far the stalker might go.


Because Stevie was frightened of heights, she was positive that Crystal would never have gone near a cliff edge, leading her to believe that her friend had been killed.

However, Crystal’s death was declared to be a misadventure when the coroner’s report was received last week. Stevie was saddened by this and thought that no one would now take her stalker’s threats seriously.

Deflated, Stevie packed up her belongings and sacked Cash, declaring she was done being protected. She wanted to get on with her life—she was sick of hiding—if the guy would never be apprehended.

Cash made a valiant attempt to persuade Stevie to reconsider her mind, but she thanked him for his help and left the house as soon as her car arrived.

According to TV Week, Cash can’t resist keeping an eye out for Stevie this week after learning that she will be attending a red carpet event for her upcoming film.

Because of the extensive publicity surrounding the event, everyone—including her stalker—is aware of the precise time and location where Stevie will be making an appearance.


Nicholas Cartwright told TV Week, “Cash knows that the danger facing Stevie is real and it’s escalating.” “Cash can’t shut off the part of himself that worries about her safety just because Stevie fired him.”

Refusing to do nothing, Cash arrives at the location to inspect it as the event gets underway. He becomes worried when he discovers there is no security, which means anyone may enter.

Nicholas goes on, “He sees that Stevie has put herself in danger.” “Stalkers could easily approach the event because no one is monitoring the fans who are there.”

When Stevie shows up, Cash tells her what’s going on and persuades her to allow him to go with her so she may be secure.

Cash’s suspicions are validated when, to everyone’s shock, a man known only as Sidney (Joshua McElroy), who is thought to be stalking Stevie, bursts through the crowd and swings a knife at her!


Sidney runs away and Cash follows after him, spotting him sneaking into a parking lot. Just as the shutter door closes, Cash dives under it, seemingly cornering the attacker.


Nicholas continues, “Cash has no idea what the stalker is capable of.” Thus, he seizes the chance to neutralise the threat.

Will Cash be able to get his man and stop Stevie’s torment once and for all?

This week, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) spotted Levi (Tristan Gorey) and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) kissing, so they are attempting to contain the damage.

Nobody knows about Mackenzie and Levi’s affair, which has been going on for a few months, save for Mac’s housemates Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Tane (Ethan Browne).

Several times the couple has been on the verge of being discovered, most famously when Alf (Ray Meagher) strolled by them as they were sharing a kiss close to the Surf Club and when Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) unexpectedly showed up at the farmhouse.

When the recently single doctor spent the evening flirting with Levi at Salt, Eden even momentarily thought her brother was having an affair with Bree (Juliet Godwin).

The affair between Mackenzie and Levi was eventually revealed in Thursday’s episode when Eden turned the corner and saw them sharing a public kiss.


Are you joking with me? You cheating liar, that’s what she said.


Eden takes a hard stance against her brother in this week’s episodes, telling him that he has a loving wife. Levi begs Eden not to tell Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) that he knows what he’s doing and that his feelings for Mackenzie are genuine.


As soon as word of the revelation gets out, Eden snaps at Mali for keeping the affair a secret for weeks, and Felicity soon vents her frustrations to Mackenzie in Salt.


She informs him, “You’re giving my cheating brother a place to stay.” “It was a lie you told me.”


Mac fears that everyone is going to learn about their affair when he and Levi get back together.

“Eden might be speaking with your wife on the phone right now.”


Will Eden maintain the filthy little secret of her brother?

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