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Home and Away spoilers: Felicity Newman is SUSPICIOUS about Cash and Eden…


On Home and Away, Felicity Newman, played by Jacqui Purvis, is still concerned about her brother Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) healing after a recent shooting (1:45pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

Felicity is unaware that Cash is secretly dating his ex-girlfriend Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo), who has made him considerably happier.

After just jumping back into bed together, Cash and Eden are now looking for any justification to sneak away and spend time together.

Remy Carter, a member of Eden’s band, has already exposed the couple but has agreed to keep it a secret.


Remy is still concerned that things might not work out because Eden seems to be falling hard for copper Cash once more.

Felicity begs Eden to keep an eye on Cash on today’s episode of the Australian soap since she has started to notice that he keeps doing disappearing acts.


As Felicity’s misgivings about Cash deepen, she learns some UNPREDICTABLE details that send her scurrying over to the band’s home.


Is Felicity going to see Eden and Cash together?

After the MYSTERY break-in at the Morgan home, there is panic and worry in the meanwhile.

Even though the place has been demolished, nothing appears to be gone.

How incredibly odd!


Kirsty Marillier’s character, Cash, and his police partner Rose Delaney arrive on the scene shortly.

Leah begins to think that unstable Heather Fraser (Sofia Nolan) might be the perpetrator when Rose hints that the break-in might have been a targeted attack!

Heather obviously didn’t appreciate Leah’s advice to let Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), Heather’s long-lost birth mother, alone.

Leah and Rose make a startling discovery when they go to the caravan park to find Heather and interview her about the break-in.

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