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Home and Away Mackenzie star reveals gym machine made her ‘orgasm’ in steamy workout


The star of Home and Away, Emily Weir, acknowledged that she had previously orgasmed during a hot gym session.

The risqué admission was made by the Australian soap opera star, who has been most known for portraying Mackenzie Booth on the show since 2016, during an interview with the Life Uncut podcast. The TV personality said that it all began when she initially got the gig on the show in an interview with hosts Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

“When I first started on Home and Away, I was trying to get really, really fit,” she said to the audience. I discovered a gadget where you could sort of jump up and crunch while swinging your legs up.”

The celebrity acknowledged that she was exerting herself to the utmost and tensing her abs as much as she could during that specific workout. Emily acknowledged that the intense training was making a difference in her body and that she was growing stronger every day.


She went on to say: “I think I was on rep 35 and by the time I did a rep from 35 to 50 I started to feel really weird and kind of tingly.” The soap star continued working out despite the strange feeling, but she was taken aback by what transpired next.

“I was wondering what was going on in my neither regions,” the gorgeous brunette continued. However, I persisted and overcame it, and eventually… I arrived.”

Confusion with her admission, Brittany elaborated, asking, “Just to be clear, came where?” Emily yelled, “In my trousers! I had a climax. I arrived at the peak.”

Then she said to the two, “But I will now save that until the end of my workout, just in case.” Emily acknowledged that it had happened more than once even though she stated it doesn’t happen every time she uses the machine.


The focus of the drama in recent weeks has been Emily’s character Mackenzie, who had an affair with Levi behind his wife Imogen’s back. After Levi ran to the restroom to answer a call from his wife last week, Mackenzie was spotted quickly leaving the hotel.

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