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Home and Away Spoilers – Remi’s stubbornness lands him in danger


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Mackenzie and Levi battle to stay apart from one another, while Remi’s intransigence puts him in grave danger.

After Remi (Adam Rowland) was knocked off his bike during a risky operation, Bree (Julet Godwin) had been refusing to leave his side. This became an issue when Bree received unfavourable news from home.

Her father was on life support after suffering an injury while working on a construction job.

Bree tried to maintain a mask for Remi, but after telling Kirby (Angelina Thomson) everything, Remi’s friend and bandmate revealed the truth to him—against Bree’s orders.


With Remi’s assurances that he was doing well and that Kirby would keep her informed of any developments, Bree was persuaded to travel and be with her family.

But as soon as Bree left his hospital room, Remi requested Kirby to get in touch with a nurse so that she could arrange for some pain medication. Remi was obviously having trouble at the time, but he managed to hold it together for Bree’s benefit.

When Remi is finally well enough to travel home the following week, it’s going to be a difficult journey in the Lyrik van because Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) seems to hit every speed bump in the Northern Districts. Eden gets Remi settled into the couch and then asks Kirby to give him some of his medicines.

It soon becomes apparent that Remi is concealing the fact that he is returning to the share house when he speaks with Bree over the phone later.


He tells Eden and Kirby that Bree needs to be with her father at this moment because he knows that she would be on the first plane home to take care of him if she knew the truth.

Eden consents to maintain Remi’s secret, but Kirby is apprehensive, especially after Eden assured Bree that she would keep her informed.

Later, as Kirby and Eden quarrel about the deception, a frustrated Remi comes out of his bedroom to order them to stop. But Eden notices right away that Remi is having trouble breathing, and she becomes worried.

Remi went back to bed, but she’s still having trouble. He takes a large quantity of the medicines that Eden provides him, telling him it doesn’t matter because they aren’t making his pain go away.


Bree hesitantly tells Kirby a falsehood after hearing from her, and Remi confirms that she must not have known.

The girls are conflicted because they know that Remi is not doing well and they question whether he was released from the hospital too soon.

Remi interrupts Kirby as she is ready to call the hospital, telling him to just keep out of it because the doctors had warned him it would hurt like hell.

Eden feels that Kirby was correct and that Remi should return to the emergency hospital when she later discovers him sitting on the bathroom floor with his head resting on a bucket (probably since there isn’t a toilet in there).

But being Remi, he closes the door on her and is certain that he isn’t going back to the hospital.

Eden is then put in a difficult situation: she knows Remi needs assistance, but the very person who can advise her is the one Remi is denying them access to.


Another option appears as she flips through her phone, but will Eden be able to swallow her pride and ask her older brother Levi (Tristan Gorey) for assistance?

Levi, on the other hand, has been hanging around Summer Bay with someone, or rather, stuff to do.

After kissing him, patient Mackenzie (Emily Weir) initiated a relationship with him. Eventually, Levi felt compelled to tell Mac that he had a wife named Imogen back in the city.

Especially after witnessing what her father Rick’s (Mark Lee) extramarital romances had done to her mother Tanya, Mac was incensed that she had unintentionally turned into “the other woman.”

Later, after chasing Levi out of the room, Mac went to the motel in the hopes of finding an explanation. Were they living together in public? Did Imogen treat him cruelly? Levi affirms that his marriage to Imogen is blissfully happy; the only problem, he says, is that he has now met Mac.

The two couldn’t help but get back into bed together after Levi revealed that this might be their last encounter because he was departing for the city tomorrow.

However, when they lay in bed later, Mac was overcome with remorse when Imogen called Levi on his cell phone.

When we revisit the scene the next week, Mac is already dressed when Levi gets off the phone with his wife. She says it would be better to leave things there when Levi offers to drive her home.

Levi, unable to get Mac out of his brain, later makes many calls at the farmhouse.

He acknowledges that sleeping with Mac felt right as he explains that lying to Imogen felt terrible. A one-night fling is a mistake, but having one more time is a full-fledged affair, and does he really want to be that man, Mac points out?

Before he leaves town, Levi reassures Mac that he wants to be with her and that he will be waiting for her at the motel should she decide otherwise.

The following morning, when Levi opens the door to leave, he sees Mac standing there. However, she clarifies that she is not interested in having an affair and that this is just a final farewell.

As they say their goodbyes, Mac is prepared to put an end to the whole situation. Levi looks to have no reason to return to Summer Bay because his employment at the hospital is over and Eden does not want to focus on mending her connection with her estranged brother.

That is, until Levi gets a surprise call from his younger sister.

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