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Home and Away star Nicholas Cartwright teases big change for Cash Newman


Actor Nicholas Cartwright of Home and Away has hinted at a significant development for his character Cash Newman this year.

With scenes slated to pick up in January with Cash and sister Felicity hunting for her alongside emergency services, the Australian finale of the show for 2023 left viewers on a serious cliffhanger, with Cash’s girlfriend Eden having been abducted.

Even though Eden’s fate is still unknown, it appears that Cash will take a very different route from what we have previously witnessed once the current turmoil has subsided.

Cartwright made the following statement in an interview with the Australian publication Perth Now: “The current storyline finds some sort of resolution, but it’s a massive journey getting there, without giving anything anyway.”


Beyond that, Cash has a lot going on. He’s thinking of switching careers. There’s going to be a significant shift for Cash; he has always been a police officer in the Bay, so I suppose he’s growing a little impatient with that.”

As a sort of viral marketing, Australian network 7 developed a “helpline” that fans could contact to hear Cash’s final call to Eden and to request information. Over 74,000 calls were placed. The soap actress said that she was pleasantly surprised by the fan response to the plot: “It’s been great that people are getting into the phone number you can ring.”

“Normally, with our finales, we end up with someone in hospital or something like that, But this one was really different and there was a really great twist.”

Home and Away returns to Australia tomorrow, January 8, so viewers there won’t have to wait long to find out how things work out.


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