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Home and Away reveals sad scenes for Cash Newman in 15 spoiler pictures


Watching Channel 5’s Home and Away the following week, Cash Newman raises questions about his depressed state of mind amid the continued fallout from Felicity’s heartbreaking plot.

In another scene, Rose Delaney has a challenging first encounter with Vicky, the mother of Mali Hudson.

Check out our gallery of 35 images for a preview of what’s to come.

Monday, September 18: Vicky, Mali’s mother, leaves
Things don’t go well at their first encounter with Rose.


On Monday, September 18, Mali attempts to persuade Vicky.
Once Vicky finds out that Rose is a police officer, she becomes unhappy. Mali’s family has already seen discrimination from law enforcement.

Monday, September 18: Vicky expresses her emotions
Mali’s father would be disappointed in him, she says.

On September 18, Monday: Mali becomes irate
Rose’s job is something he wants his family would accept and give her a chance.

Landra Hudson and Mali Hudson both at home and awayChannel Five
She is also not fond of Rose’s professional path.


On September 18, Monday: Elandra aspires to unite everyone.
Is a truce possible?

Monday, September 18: Cash is still having trouble.
He hasn’t been the same person since finding out about Felicity’s experience.

September 18, Monday: Eden examines Cash
In addition to acting strangely, Cash has begun drinking during the day.

On September 18, Monday: Eden reaches out to Cash.
She’s hoping he’ll become more approachable.


September 18, Monday: Cash has other plans
I don’t think he’s ready to admit his suffering.

Monday, September 18: Cash has been having more problems lately.
When he recently discovered that Felicity was being blackmailed but chose not to tell him, his worry reached a crescendo.

On September 18, Monday: Cash tries to divert his attention.
Eden keeps trying to persuade him to tell her the truth.

On Monday, September 18, Eden feels let down since Cash still seems to be inaccessible.

Monday, September 18: Eden demands Cash be truthful
There is a difficult period in their relationship.

On September 18, Monday: Eden is still concerned.
What does her and Cash’s future hold?


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