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Home and Away Spoilers – Mackenzie suffers an absolutely miscarriage


Mac’s decision about her baby is ripped away from her in the most tragic of ways next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Jasmine rallies behind Lewis.

Mackenzie has opted to have the abortion after weeks of deliberation. She found out she was pregnant just hours before Ari Parata broke up with her to reunite with his ex, and she’s spent weeks trying to decide whether or not to keep the baby and whether or not to tell Ari about it.

Tane recently told her to keep the pregnancy news from Ari if she wasn’t going to have the baby. He and Mia had always intended to start a family, but after many abortions and one premature birth, they were forced to abandon their plans. Tane knew Ari would be devastated if he found out Mackenzie was pregnant with his brother, so he decided to keep the news to himself.

She wants Dean to give her a ride to the clinic now that she’s made her decision. However, she has made the decision not to tell Ari, which Dean finds to be extremely unsettling. “Mac, he’s the father!” exclaims the narrator. She’s happy to have actually made a decision, and she doesn’t need Dean to berate her now that the burden has been lifted.


Dean later tells Willow how grateful he is to have Jai and Amber in his life, and how things could have possibly turned out differently if he hadn’t discovered the truth about his son. His sister’s decision is obviously weighing on his mind, as he ponders what life would be like if Amber hadn’t told him they were expecting a child together.

Later, he goes to Salt and tells Mackenzie that he isn’t sure he can do it. His sister protests, You said you had my back. He answers, I know I did, and I wish I could. I completely understand and appreciate your decision… But you’re not even allowing [Ari] to make a decision.

When she walks back to the farmhouse, she sobs in front of Ziggy and Tane, telling them she doesn’t even have her brother by her side. Knowing his and Mia’s miscarriages in the past, the two agree that she’s doing the right thing by not telling Ari, but the words don’t help. She is completely depressed.

Dean eventually comes to see his sister to clear the air after Ziggy gives him a stern talking to. He still expresses his displeasure with her decision not to tell Ari, but he has no intention of leaving her to deal with it on her own – if that’s what she wants, he’ll take her to the clinic and leave her alone.


She, on the other hand, pretends to have made other plans. She doesn’t want Dean there even if he doesn’t say anything so she’ll know how he feels even if he doesn’t say anything. That evening, Ziggy leaves Mackenzie alone in the house for a much-needed big night out with Tane.

Mackenzie’s decision on the abortion is ripped away from her a few hours later, when the story takes a dramatic turn. She senses a stabbing pain in her abdomen as she gets up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. She falls to the floor in agony, alone in the house with no one to assist her.

She’s still on the floor the next morning, but she’s managed to get to the phone. She only manages to utter Dean’s name before passing out once more. Dean runs to her house, sensing something is wrong, only to find her in a bad way.

He takes her to the hospital right away, but she is still in critical condition. She has an ectopic pregnancy, in which the embryo implants in the fallopian tube wall, and she requires emergency surgery to stop the bleeding into her abdomen. Sadly, she has lost the boy.


Ari is now in the hospital following his hit-and-run accident just a few rooms away. He’s feeling much better and can’t wait to get home, but he has one huge request for Mia: he wants her to move in with him! “We’re a family, and I don’t want to be separated from them ever again.

She’s overjoyed and says yes right away – but they’re unaware of the drama unfolding just down the corridor with Ari’s ex-girlfriend. When they go for a walk to encourage Ari to stretch his legs and run into Dean, the truth appears to be about to be revealed.

Dean argues that he came to see Ari, but the older Parata brother sees right through it. Sending Mia away in the hopes that if they’re alone, Dean will be more honest, he turns to his ex-prison buddy for the real reason he’s there.

Before he’s forced to reveal the truth, the two are interrupted, but Mia happens to be in the ward corridor as Mac is being wheeled out of surgery. It doesn’t appear that the truth will be revealed for long!

Will Ari be able to handle the news that his ex-girlfriend has just given birth to a child?

On next week’s episode of Home and Away in the United Kingdom, Jasmine begs Lewis not to file an official complaint against Christian.


The head nurse is also seeking vengeance against Summer Bay’s resident neurosurgeon, whom he blames for his wife Anna’s death. Last week, things came to a head when Christian slapped Lewis, further cementing Lewis’ belief that the doc isn’t anyone he can trust.

Lewis is irritated by Jasmine’s pleadings, unable to understand why his girlfriend is siding with Christian. She believes the punch was thrown in the heat of the moment, with both sides’ tempers flaring, and she doesn’t want Christian’s career to suffer as a result.

She’s beginning to realise that for Lewis, this is a case of vengeance rather than justice.

She’s perplexed as to why Lewis seems to be pleased that Christian punched him. Lewis sees the punch as evidence that Christian is insane, and sees it as a weapon he can use against him.

As she explains the terrible situation to Irene and Willow, Jasmine says, I just don’t see how more confrontation is going to help anyone.

She tries one last time to persuade Lewis not to file the incident report by describing how many people will be affected, but her words fall on deaf ears. He gives her an ultimatum, telling her that this is yet another avenue to justice for those who have suffered at the hands of Christian:

All right, Jasmine, I need you to choose a side!

Jasmine finally takes a decision after consulting with Irene and Willow. She’ll support her boyfriend if he files the incident report, and she’ll be his witness if it comes to that.

I apologise for being more concerned with causing trouble than with seeing the bigger picture.

Is she being blinded by her emotions, knowing what this could mean for Christian’s career and knowing that Lewis provoked him into throwing the punch?

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