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Home and Away Spoilers – Logan saved as Millie reveals the truth


The positive news for Logan regarding his vehicle accident will be aired on Home and Away in the UK the following week, but the experience has had a lasting effect.

Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) has been unable to recall the specifics of his most recent collision, which occurred a month ago and involved Millie Hudson (Zara Zoe) and her friend Jo Harding.

Shortly after, Jo suffered a brain injury, and because Millie was also unable to recall anything, the police were left to rely solely on the forensic evidence, which revealed that Logan had been speeding at the time of the collision.

Logan has been charged with reckless driving causing death as a result, and in the next turbulent few weeks, which have also seen him break up with girlfriend Mac, Logan has been unravelling.


Last week, when Logan came up at the surf club shouting for Mac, Alf (Ray Meagher) had to kick him out. Seeing her talking to Emmett just made matters worse.

But Millie (Luke Van Os) admitted to him that she remembered what had happened—she had been reading a text on her phone just before the incident.

She initially found it difficult to accept the fact that she had slain her best friend, but she soon turned to blackmail to stop Xander from calling the police. If he did, she would accuse him of pestering her, and given that Xander already has an AVO on his record, it wouldn’t look good.

This week, Xander tells Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) the truth at the police station after deciding to take the chance and turn Millie in.


After presenting his testimony, Xander tells Rose that Millie is aware of his AVO and would try to use it against him; she assures him that she will take care of the situation.

As expected, Millie accuses Xander of having an obsession with her when she is brought in for interrogation. Cash is compelled to eject Rose after she loses her composure and snaps at Millie.

Cash wonders about both Rose’s professional judgement and Xander’s seeming form, but he also points out that the harassment wasn’t severe enough for Millie to request an AVO prior to Xander shopping her.

Distracted from the case, Rose encounters Millie the following day and realises it’s her only chance. As Millie agrees to speak, Rose adopts a new tack and says that, as a result of a police event in which people were injured as a result of her actions, she is familiar with how it feels to bear guilt.


Fearing her penalty, she had placed the blame on everyone else, but she gradually came to grips with it and was able to move on with her life. If Millie doesn’t follow suit, it will always be with her.

Millie must have found Rose’s conversation to be meaningful since the next day when she goes to the police station to amend her statement, she acknowledges that she was at fault!

Nicholas Cartwright and Zara Zoe, his real-life sister, finally have a meaningful on-screen exchange during the Cash and Millie interview.

When Zara’s first episode aired in Australia, Nick posted on Instagram, saying, “I’ve never had more fun on set.” Between takes, it was literally hard to avoid turning to face her and beaming with delight.

Logan must thus be relieved that he is now in the clear and simply has to deal with a speeding penalty, right? As Roo (Georgie Parker) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) discover, the answer is apparently no.

Roo is once again keeping herself busy with a variety of tasks despite physicians telling her to take it easy since she is worried about Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) recovery from giving her a kidney.


Roo offers to help out at the dining cart, but when she lifts some boxes, she doubles over in pain and starts bleeding from her tummy.

Luckily, as Roo stumbles into the diner, she runs into Jasmine, who takes her right away to the hospital.

Roo’s stitches have clearly popped, but Logan doesn’t seem impressed and reminds her that she was instructed to take it easy.

To Roo and Jasmine’s dismay, Logan continues to chastise Roo as he does the resuturing.

Logan then proceeds to bite off Alf’s head, at which point Jasmine approaches him and says she’ll be there if he ever needs to talk. Logan admonishes her to stop bothering him because they are not friends.

What’s going on with Logan—this isn’t at all like him.

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