Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Home and Away Spoilers: Dean says Jai in heartbreaking scenes a final goodnight


When Amber saw the two ex-boyfriends together, she couldn’t help but think Dean was still mad at her.

Amber (Shane Withington) walks into the Surf Club looking distraught, and John (Shane Withington) offers to help. She initially rejects him, but after he persuades her otherwise, she reveals she knows she can’t compete with Dean and Ziggy.

When Amber arrives, the two finally have the painful talk they’ve been putting off, and Dean says he still loves Ziggy.

If that’s the case, Amber says she can’t be with him any longer, but they’ll put their feelings aside and focus on their son.


Later, Dean and Amber must break the bad news to Jai (River Jarvis): he and his mother are returning to Queensland to live with his grandmother, but he will still see his father. He’s sad, but he’s dealing with it as best he can.

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