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‘Going to be spellbound’ Neighbours’ Dr Karl star Alan Fletcher teases soap’s last episode


Alan Fletcher, 65, will be saying goodbye to the iconic role of Doctor Karl Kennedy after Neighbours was cancelled by Channel 5. He has played the character for more than 27 years. In an interview with, the Australian actor discussed his final days on set and what viewers can anticipate from the soap opera’s final episodes, which will air in early August.

Alan was questioned over the recent conditions on the Neighbours set.

He stated: “That was the very, very final sequence we shot before wrapping everything on June 10. On August 1st, Channel 5 will stop airing the TV show Neighbours.

“I’ll be visiting in July to spread the word about Neighbours’ final episodes and to urge viewers to keep watching because they’re truly amazing.


“So many of the characters are returning from the past.

“People will therefore be enthralled by it; it will be amazing.

Even for those who quit watching the show, it’s a fantastic chance for them to return from an amazing vantage point because they will recognise the characters. questioned the actor about if he would experience a hole in his life if the show were to end after he had played Doctor Karl for more than 27 years.


He answered: “The strange thing is that, because I was preoccupied with other activities, I didn’t actually work on Neighbours for more than 32 weeks of the year.

“I would frequently fly over to the UK to perform in pantomimes, band tours, etc. I’ve always been busy as a result.

“However, now that Neighbours has concluded, I will be performing the Doctor Karl tour in the UK, and I anticipate doing so once more in 2023.

“In addition, I’ll be performing at numerous festivals and playing a lot of music. Consequently, I anticipate having a very busy year!”


Alyce Platt, a former Neighbours co-star, and Alan collaborated on a brand-new duet, “Sorry Is The Word,” for his latest song.

In reference to the song, he said: “‘Sorry Is The Word’, like many songs, was inspired by a personal event.

“I have discovered over time that so much grief and wasted chances are caused by pride and an unwillingness to accept responsibility and apologise.”

Alan also revealed that during the final days of the soap’s production, Margot Robbie of Hollywood brought a lavish parting present to the set.

Like other notable stars like Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, Hollywood star Margot began her career on Neighbours portraying Donna Freedman.

In an interview with, Alan disclosed: “On the final day, she sent 37 bottles of champagne to the cast and crew.


“There was one for each year the show aired. She’s just so adorable.

“There are so many people who have gone through Neighbours, even those you might not immediately think of, who have gone on to have quite successful careers in the US.

“It has been an excellent place for people to learn.

“Simply being there to see everyone arrive and work with them made me very happy. However, it has been a wonderful thing.”

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