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Neighbours star Jemma Donovan responds to Harlow Robinson’s exit


Star of the soap opera Neighbours Jemma Donovan has talked about leaving the show and bidding her character Harlow Robinson farewell.

Following a dramatic plot involving conman Corey Smythe-Jones, UK viewers saw Harlow leave Ramsay Street last month.

After Corey was taken into custody, Harlow was able to speak with him and finally get the answers she had been waiting for, putting an end to the upsetting chapter in her life.

She subsequently made the decision to accept her aunt’s invitation to relocate to London permanently.


Following her departure, Jemma remarked on the soap’s official Twitter account that she and Harlow had both “developed immensely” since she made her Neighbours début in 2019.

In a setting like this, Jemma asserted, “I believe it’s simple to grow with your character simply because you kind of do it concurrently with each other.”

“Personally, I think my development as an actor has barely begun. A soap opera has the advantage of allowing you to participate in a variety of storylines that you kind of never would in a television show or film.

“Because I’ve been in so many various situations, I believe my confidence has increased. Harlow, I still clearly recall the day she initially arrived in Erinsborough, and I believe she has matured magnificently “She went on.


Even more so than when she initially appeared on the show, “she knows what she wants and she’s not scared to stand up for what she wants.”

In advance of the soap opera’s final episode airing later this month, Jemma continued by thanking the audience.

Jemma remarked, “I simply want to thank everyone for watching every day. “It’s been an honour to be a part of this show, which has been a fantastic platform for myself and everyone else. I’m going to start crying. It’s been the most incredible experience for me personally and not just in terms of acting.

“And simply getting to introduce Harlow to your screens and seeing how much you guys adore and support her—I’ll miss playing her so much. Thank you, then.”


On Friday, July 29 in the UK, Neighbours will have its final episode. Jason Donovan, Jemma’s real-life father, will return to Ramsay Street as Scott Robinson, and Kylie Minogue will play Charlene Mitchell.

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