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Home and Away Spoilers – Logan Bennett leaves Summer Bay


Logan Bennett, a character from Australia’s Home and Away, discreetly snuck out of Summer Bay in today’s episode…

Logan has had an exciting few weeks, which included learning the truth about Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) finance woes only days before he was wrongfully accused with hazardous driving resulting in death.

Logan appears to have had enough of the drama, and he has abruptly left Summer Bay to return to his former life.

Logan paced around in his office early in Monday’s Australian show, which UK fans will see in mid-July.


After making his decision, he called and told the person on the other end that he wanted to talk to someone about re-listing in the medical corps.

Mackenzie (Sam Frost) was having coffee with Jasmine at the same time, and she informed Jasmine that while things had been awful recently, she hoped she hadn’t broken things so terribly that they couldn’t be restored.

Mac decided she needed to go to the hospital to clear the air after Jasmine told her Logan had been “all over the shop” at work.

It was too late by the time Mac arrived at Northern Districts Hospital.


She inquired of a passing doctor if he had seen Logan, but he informed her that Dr. Bennett had recently resigned – he didn’t have any further details, but he’d been assigned to replace him!

Logan had apparently gotten his dream of re-enlisting in the army and had abruptly left Summer Bay without so much as a farewell.

Mackenzie dialled his number and left a voicemail for him. Logan afterwards apologised for not informing her of his departure and explained that he didn’t realise he was going until he was almost on his way.

As he closed the message, he remarked, “You’re an incredible woman, Mac.” “Be content.”


Logan’s quick leave has occurred without fanfare, but the character’s departure has been anticipated for some time.

Back in January, Seven made the rare action of announcing Harley Bonner’s departure from the show, explaining that the actor would not be returning after the Christmas production break.

“When production resumes in the coming weeks, Channel Seven can confirm Harley will not be returning to Home and Away.” In a statement, Seven said. “We send Harley go with our best wishes and heartfelt gratitude for his contributions to the show.”

Although no further information about Harley’s decision to resign were provided, the announcement was made two days before Seven’s need that all staff be completely vaccinated against Covid-19 took effect.

Logan has only been in Summer Bay for ten months, having made his debut as part of the medical response unit at Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor), Mia’s (Anna Samson), and Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) vehicle accident.

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