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A wealthy stranger, a shock death and two departures: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Mackenzie continues to make a reputation for herself by hosting underground poker nights at Salt. When a gambling client, Nathan, shows up during the day, she is taken aback, but he is coming to repay the money she lent him with interest. However, there is a catch: his pal is eager to participate in the poker nights. Despite Mackenzie’s assurances that newcomer PK will be vetted, the mystery stranger begins flinging money at the greedy bar owner, making Felicity suspicious and concerned…

Meanwhile, Theo has only recently re-acclimated to life with Justin and Leah when Dimitri arrived in the Bay and created havoc for a spell, but he receives an unexpected phone call from TAFE during a shift in the garage. The apprenticeship provider has some terrible news for him, and he’s so disappointed that he walks out and drives away, leaving Justin and Ziggy befuddled…

Here’s what’s in store for the week starting Monday, June 6th.

PK, a mysterious gambler, throws money at Mackenzie, who gladly accepts it

Mackenzie and Felicity are planning another poker night, and the stakes are bigger than they’ve ever been. They’re feeling upbeat when an uninvited visitor spoils the mood – Nathan appears in Salt during their regular service, causing Mackenzie to fear. Nathan elbows his way back in with an envelope of cash, and she sends Ryder to get him out. He’s paying back his loan to the bartender, but there’s a catch. Downstairs, strange newcomer PK insists on attending the next poker night, and despite Mackenzie’s protests that he must be vetted first, she gives in when he starts throwing money at her…


Mia says her final goodbyes to the Bay in a series of heartfelt scenes

Following hearing Tane’s request that she leave the Bay without Chloe and take time apart to recover after Ari’s death, Mia was taken aback. Tane, on the other hand, claims that Chloe is content at the Bay with her pals, and that he and Nikau will look out for her. Mia gradually comes to realise that Tane is correct, and she informs her daughter. The two are overcome with emotion as they realise it’s time to say their goodbyes, but when Mia expresses her uncertainty about where she’ll go, Tane has a solution for her. He gives her a one-way ticket to New Zealand, allowing her to spend time with Gemma and pay a visit to Ari’s final resting place.

Rose notices that policing in Summer Bay is quieter than she’s used to

Rose’s first day on the job is spent police at the local station alongside Cash. He arrives to pick her up for her first shift, and Rose is ecstatic as they enter. When she realises she has a mountain of paperwork to complete – and not much else to do – it rapidly wears off. She leaps for the phone when it rings. She’s overjoyed to learn of a disturbance at a nearby property, but when Cash inquires about who called, he chuckles and says the lonely old lady calls in every week with this explanation. She’s only looking for some companionship! Rose is having trouble adjusting to the drastic change in pace. Will she be able to adjust to policing in a tiny town?

After getting awful news, was Xander compelled to say his goodbyes?

Xander has been working hard to establish himself in the Bay, applying for and getting an interview for a paramedic position. On the day of the audition, he’s nervous, but Jasmine is there to support him and encourage him to run it off. He returns later, looking happy, as though he’s confident he’s nailed it. He is devastated, however, when he receives a call a few hours later notifying him that he did not get the position. He and Jasmine are both concerned about the potential that, despite his new job with the local police force, Rose will be forced to return to the city and resume his former life…

Will Ryder accept his dream job offer and leave the Bay?

After being introduced to underground poker evenings in Salt, Ryder has been fantasising about Vegas and the brilliant lights of casino gaming. He’s been harassing Mackenzie and Felicity about practising his growing croupier skills for a long now, but to no avail. He does, however, discuss his dreams with Nikau, who is encouraging. His mother is another ally, as she texts him with an unexpected offer that astounds him. A position on a cruise ship would allow him to travel across the world, meet new people, and start a new career as a croupier. Will Ryder abandon his friends and family to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure?


After being crushed by an unexpected call, Theo flees

Theo is relieved to be back in his life with Leah and Justin after a round of drama with his father, Dimitri. He’s on his best behaviour in the garage, tending to Justin and Ziggy’s every need. Justin is concerned that he is overcompensating as a result of his remorse over what happened to Dimitri, but his concerns are quickly overshadowed with uncertainty when Theo receives an unexpected call from TAFE. His apprenticeship provider informs him that he failed his first task since he did not submit it. Theo is distraught and leaves his shift, driving away with no explanation, leaving Justin and Ziggy completely perplexed.

Ziggy takes up a new challenge that turns out to be terrible

When Ziggy hears about Theo’s problems, she understands because she took the same TAFE course as him. She recognises, however, that he lacks self-esteem and wishes to assist him. Then she has an idea: she can instruct him for the duration of his course, using her own former papers to assist him! Dean is sceptical when she tells him about her brain wave because she isn’t the most patient teacher. But Ziggy remains unfazed, and Theo is soon at her doorstep, ready to depart. But Dean’s suspicions are confirmed when Ziggy’s patience runs out as Theo tries to answer questions she deems straightforward. She becomes irritated, and Theo storms away, abandoning the entire dynamic…

Xander and Jasmine are involved in a terrifying vehicle accident

Jasmine has been working hard to get her brother Xander settled in the Bay, and she’s enlisted Logan’s help by asking him to chat with his colleagues to see if any opportunities are available. Logan and Xander bond over a beer in Salt, but Logan follows up with the disappointing news that no jobs are available right now. Jasmine refuses to accept that Xander might not be able to reside in the same town as her, and instead advises that they travel to the medical centre in the next town over to network. The two get in the car together and drive away, but they come upon the aftermath of a car accident on the road. They’re taken aback when they spot Logan at the wheel of one of the vehicles, and Xander rushes to assist Millie, a bleeding newbie…

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