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Home and Away spoilers: Levi affair confession fallout, new romance and Roo baby news


Next week, everything in Home and Away will begin.

For Xander and Dana, it’s the morning following the previous evening. Horrified, she quickly gathers her clothes and slips away. As she makes her way home, Irene and Harper notice her and assume this is what happens after a romantic evening.

Later, Dana tries to get her phone back from Xander’s room, but he catches her. He tries to reassure her that he wanted her to stay, saying he would take care of everything, even breakfast.

Before Rose shows up and Dana awkwardly leaves, they each clumsily attempt to find out if the other believes it was an error. Xander acknowledges to Rose that he could like Dana after all, but he wonders if she feels the same way.


When he does make an effort to communicate with her, he is honest and states that he liked her and was sad to wake up to find her gone. And in his opinion, they ought to be more than just pals. Dana had been waiting for this very moment, and they kiss to make it official.

Mali is informed by Mackenzie that she is anxiously awaiting word from Levi, but she is afraid to phone him in case he hasn’t yet revealed the truth to his wife. Mali persuades her otherwise, and when they do talk, Levi says he’s breaking up with Imogen tomorrow, but he’s not sure how to go about it.

Upon her return from a meeting, Imogen senses a change in her marriage and tries to divert their attention with breakfast, which she then postpones by taking a shower. But eventually Levi gets through, saying they should chat.

Unfortunately, Imogen believes that Levi’s issues are related to starting a family, which makes the revelation that he is having an affair even more upsetting. And I’m going to be gone.

They are both overwhelmed by Imogen’s questions: for how long? Who is she? Gather your belongings and leave. He is reluctant to go. She’s furious that you’re still in love with her, but she’s clear in her message that this isn’t your house anymore. When Levi finally gets home, Mac and Levi embrace. Although it’s heartbreaking, they are now united. Finally.


After the revelation of Levi’s affair, Eden gets a call from an irate and upset Imogen. Eden acknowledges that it is real when she confronts him about being his cover tale. However, her pleas that she was unaware the entire time are met with silence.

Imogen doesn’t break down until she explicitly states that she would be content to never see her brother again in person. As they discuss the affair, Eden admits that Mackenzie was the other lady and says that as a result, they are no longer friends.

Mackenzie consoles Levi in the meantime, saying she’s sorry for everything he’s had to go through and that she’s pleased they’re together. He disregards Mac’s instructions to leave Imogen alone since he is concerned about her.

He yells at her when she presses, telling her not to advise him on how to manage his marriage. He apologizes to Mackenzie, who is understanding, after he has cooled down. She assures him that things won’t stay this way. As they get settled for supper, Eden barges in and issues a stern warning: quit acting like you care about Imogen and leave her alone. Levi’s feelings have gotten worse.


Stevie clarifies that she wants Cash to remain as her personal security elsewhere on Home and Away. After giving it some thought and confessing to Eden that he is tempted, he decides to decline Stevie’s offer.

Bree follows up with Remi to let him know that she doesn’t mind that he’s seeing Stevie. When Remi realizes that she saw Stevie’s post, she feels horrible but is relieved that she doesn’t mind. They end their catch-up when Justin calls on him.

Bree understands that she needs to get back out and attempt new things. Kirby tries to convince her to concentrate on her romantic future, but she finds it difficult to let go of Remi and move on.

But when Stevie Marlow and her group return to the Bay, Bree and Kirby turn away, and she is still very much in Remi’s arms. Then, while taking a romantic stroll down the beach with the attractive Nelson, the film director, Bree finds a much-needed diversion.

Later on, Stevie unexpectedly knocks on Cash’s door and talks her into letting her take him out for a drink. She tells Cash what her genuine plans are: she’ll bring the movie to Summer Bay if he won’t come work with her as her security guard elsewhere. Cash says she doesn’t need him anymore because she’s safe, but she won’t let it go.

When she comes back to him later, she tells him that she only feels secure in Cash’s company. Indeed, Cash is exchanging handshakes with the team, providing additional evidence that Stevie Marlow consistently achieves her goals.


Later on Home and Away, Roo breaks the happy news that she has chosen to pursue her dream of being an emergency foster carer, motivated by her mother Sonia and her infant daughter Poppy. Her only need is for Alf’s approval to welcome needy children into their house.

But Alf is evasive; he initially uses Marilyn as an excuse, but when he is discovered, he confesses his actual emotions. Roo is dismayed to learn that Alf, in a private phone conversation, is discussing his concerns and calling the entire endeavor one of Roo’s “little projects.”

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