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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane faces his day in court


Tane’s pals testify against him this week on Home and Away in Australia, and a shocking turn of events threatens to ruin any chance of freedom. Tane finds out his fate.

It’s now time for Tane (Ethan Browne), who abducted baby Poppy, to find out what will happen to him after a false start last week. Tane will appear in court.

Tane saw the girl on the beach and gave her the moniker “Maia.” He picked her up from Northern Districts Hospital after finding out that some emergency foster caregivers had been located nearby.

When Tane learned he wasn’t qualified to be a foster carer, he decided he should be the one to look after her and he recruited Roo (Georgie Parker) to assist make it happen.


Tane had not counted on the authorities locating a substitute placement when Roo applied to be a foster parent while Tane applied for permanent immigration.

Tane was previously prohibited from entering the hospital after the police gave him an AVO, but he took advantage of Nurse Dana’s temporary absence by leaving the hospital with the infant after he requested if she would let him onto the ward to say goodbye. Nurse Dana is played by Ally Harris.

It was left to Mali (Kyle Shilling) and social worker Harper (Jessica Redmayne) to persuade Tane to turn himself in when he was holed up at cousin Kiri’s house.

Tane was quickly placed in a cell at the Yabbie Creek police station and accused of kidnapping; Rose had to determine whether Mali and Harper should also be charged for their failure to report Tane’s whereabouts immediately.


She ultimately chose not to, and Tane was released on bond with the assistance of his legal aid attorney.

Tane pouted over the circumstances and remained his own worst enemy in the weeks that followed. Harper and Tane’s ex-wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), who assumed there was no use in contesting the accusations, attacked Tane after he had initially refused to speak with his attorney.

Meanwhile, Harper had brought the lawyer in question, Marshall (Nic English), to the bay with the intention of meeting Tane there. However, when Marshall found himself standing up, he ended up conversing with Flick in Salt without realizing who the other was.

Tane eventually consented to meet Marshall in Salt, but the two slept together, which made for an awkward meeting the following day.


Tane quickly overheard Flick chatting with Marshall and learned that his lawyer had an affair with his ex-wife. Felicity was horrified to learn of this.

Tane’s following behavior resulted in him missing his bail check-in at the police station. Rose was forced to lock him up when he arrived more than two hours late and obstinately refused to give her an explanation.

Rose allowed Tane to leave on the understanding that he wouldn’t screw up again after Marshall visited with him and persuaded him to allow him to continue defending him. Marshall also promised to do all in his power to keep Tane out of jail.

When Poppy’s mother Sonia (Olivia Beardsley) volunteered to testify on Tane’s side, everyone was taken aback. Marshall was confident that this would increase the likelihood that the court would rule in Tane’s favor.

However, Dana and Harper were summoned to testify against Tane in the interim. Dana has been battling with this since, fearing that she may say something incorrect and put Tane in jail.

Last week, Tane was scheduled to appear in court when he became entangled in the events after Stevie’s (Catherine Van-Davies) shooting.


Tane quickly recognized Sidney (Joshua McElroy), who Flick had called to alert him about a gunman on the loose when he was strolling through the parklands in his suit.

He pursued, but Sidney launched him into the air by hitting him over the head with his rifle bag. Tane was rushed to the hospital by Flick and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), but thankfully no long-term injuries were discovered.

Tane eventually appears before the judge this week after the court date was rescheduled by 48 hours (Tracy Mann).

According to Ethan, “I think he’s accepted his fate,” TV Week. “He’s psychologically bracing himself for the worst, realizing his error and the potential for severe prison time.

“He thinks everything doesn’t work in his favor and knows how the system operates.”

In a preview for tonight’s episode, Dana gets grilled by the prosecution as she goes on trial.

Prosecutor Matthew, who was last seen in the trial of Irene (Lynne McGranger), reacts to Dana’s confession by implying that Tane had exploited her generosity by tricking her into allowing him to see the infant.

When Tane notices that Dana is having trouble, he asks Marshall if he can assist her. However, since Dana is the prosecution’s own witness, Tane is unable to help.

Dana is certain that she has destroyed things for Tane back at the diner when Harper drops a bombshell.

Sonia has decided against testifying on Tane’s behalf!

Harper believes Tane has little chance of winning because the entire case hinged on getting Poppy’s mother to support him.

Marshall takes Tane to the witness stand as a final option. Marshall points out that they have no other options, so Tane challenges him, pointing out that he had previously informed him that it would be a horrible idea. Tane unwillingly steps in, aware that he may spend 15 years in prison.

But when Marshall suddenly shifts gears and brings up his past with Flick in the hopes that it will strengthen his case, Tane is taken aback.

Tane finds it annoying that Marshall has to air his dirty laundry in court, even though it’s the best solution he can think of at the moment.

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