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Home and Away’s Levi Fowler confesses over affair in 15 spoiler pictures


Next week, Levi Fowler finally tells his wife Imogen about his affair with Mackenzie Booth on Channel 5’s Home and Away.

When Levi tells Imogen about his plans to leave, there are significant arguments and accusations, and she demands an explanation about his other lady and whether or not his sister Eden knew the truth.

Tuesday, June 11: Levi has to wait nervously.
He went back to his house to tell Imogen everything.

Tuesday, June 11: A call comes in for Levi.
Mac checks in on him, seeming apprehensive.


Tuesday, June 11: Levi says he hasn’t heard from Imogen yet because she still hasn’t gone back home.

Tuesday, June 11: A major shift is about to occur in Levi’s life.
In order to be with Mac, he intends to dissolve his union with Imogen.

Tuesday, June 11: Close-by pictures serve as a moving reminder of the happy times Levi and Imogen once had.

Tuesday, June 11: Levi’s moment of truth comes when Imogen eventually goes back home.


Tuesday, June 11: Levi puts on his own braces
He gets ready to speak the truth.

Tuesday, June 11: Levi is adamant that they speak.
Imogen is caught off guard.

Tuesday, June 11: Imogen misinterprets
Knowing that Levi has been having second thoughts about starting a family, she immediately assumes that he wants to discuss their plans.

Tuesday, June 11: Levi clarifies the information
He confesses that he’s been thinking about something considerably bigger.


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