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Home and Away spoilers: Kirby solo deal teased, Alf lashes out and Mali’s mother arrives


Meeting Mali’s mother so soon before is unsettling for Rose from Home and Away.

Tension arises right once when Mali gets back to his mother, but Vicky is excited to see Rose, as Elandra quickly makes clear.

Vicky takes a quick liking to Rose, but she and Elandra rush to the car when they learn that his son’s girlfriend is a police officer.

Vicky expresses her disdain of Mali’s attempt to stop them by telling him, “Your father would be so ashamed of you.”


Vicky is still furious about Rose being a police officer, so Elandra tries to mediate a settlement between Mali and his mother.

Elandra confides in Rose that their family has mistrust for police because of their brother, who has been unfairly persecuted by the force.

Vicky lays it all out for Mali, acknowledging that her greatest injury has come from lying.

Vicky ends up extending an olive branch to her son’s girlfriend as Mali confesses his love for Rose.


In another scene, John expresses his concerns to Marilyn about his hearing because he is still worried about Alf.

John responds that persons with hearing loss read facial expressions to compensate for what they cannot hear after Marilyn tests Alf and says he is fine.

Marilyn then puts Alf to the test by hiding her face while they are speaking, and it seems John is correct.

Even though Alf still avoids talking about his hearing loss, his pals can tell that he’s having difficulties.


Marilyn confronts her friend since she is unable to contain herself any longer, but Alf is not amused by her interference.

Marilyn worries that even after asking Justin for assistance, she is still unable to contact Alf.

Irene tells John there’s a problem at the Bait Shop and offers a strategy to get Alf to come clean when he goes looking for him at the Diner.

Alf has moved to the city to be with Roo, as Irene finds out.

When Alf comes back, Justin is the most recent Bay inhabitant to be targeted for his wrath when he asks about his hearing.

Alf jumps the gun and announces his intention to leave the club as soon as he does open up about his hearing.


After being urged by Justin to see a doctor first, Alf feels forced to contact Bree for assistance.

Theo, meantime, is still in shock after his gaffe at the Q&A during the album launch.

But when Justin shows up, he has excellent news to share: he’s got Drive Time set up with Felix J for Lyrik.

Though Theo agrees to set aside his pain to complete the interview, Justin informs him that Kirby is doing it.

Theo lashes out and pouts later, accusing Kirby of purposefully hurting him during the launch so she could represent Lyrik.

As Theo listens to the interview, he feels inadequate for having turned Kirby on earlier.

Before answering an enigmatic phone call, Kirby laments to Mac and Xander about Theo’s treatment of her.

Later, she informs Mac that she alone—not the rest of Lyrik—is the target of a major talent representative who has reached out to her.

Kirby encounters Forrest Duke, a solo artist manager, who expresses his interest in signing her right now.

Despite the fact that it would require her to leave Lyrik, Kirby is obviously tempted.

She calls Forrest to enquire about what this solo career would entail after giving it some thought.

Lyrik has a constant stream of demands for interviews after Remi and Justin, who live across the bay, get close by listening to his record on vinyl.

Irene tells him that Kirby hasn’t been seen in a while since she’s been thinking about something.

Subsequently, Justin calls Remi for a pressing band matter and delivers a shocking revelation: Kirby has been meeting with Forrest Duke, who exclusively represents solo musicians.

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