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Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni to keep a secret from Dean Thompson


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week on UK television, Ziggy Astoni from Home and Away hides something from Dean Thompson.

When Remi Carter approaches her for a favour that will aid his band, Lyrik, Ziggy decides to lend a hand.

Bob Forsyth, the main vocalist of Lyrik, departed the band and relocated out of the Bay, leaving the rest of the band without a van to transport their gear to shows.


Despite saving a little sum of money, they lack the mechanical expertise necessary to select a new van.

Remi asks Ziggy if she may lead the search, but Dean won’t take well to her request.

Remi shamelessly flirts with Ziggy, which has already irritated Dean. However, Remi assures Ziggy that if she agrees to help, he would stop annoying Dean.

Lyrik has a limited budget, so Ziggy gets to work looking for a suitable van that is within their means. A cautious Ziggy keeps their dealings a secret because she is aware that Dean won’t be pleased with her assisting Remi.


Ziggy is soon discovered by Dean’s sister Mackenzie Booth conducting late-night van research in secrecy. Mac, who knows Dean doesn’t like Remi, makes a pledge not to tell Dean.

Mac can see that Ziggy is lying when she cancels arrangements with Dean to “meet a client” the following day, but she chooses to remain silent once more.

Remi is informed by Ziggy that she has discovered the ideal van within their price range, but it is located two hours away.

Ziggy offers to drive Remi there because he lacks transportation and will check the car for him when they get there.


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