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From reel life to real life: Home and Away stars Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman’s relationship in pictures


For many years, Summer Bay served as a haven for Home and Away actors seeking love.
Among the Home and Away stars to excite fans by dating off-camera are Bec Hewitt (née Cartwright) and Beau Brady, Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds, Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas, and married couple James Stewart and Sarah Roberts.
One of our all-time fave couples is Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, who have become fast friends.
In contrast to numerous other romantic partners, Sophie and Patrick had a prior relationship that before their arrival in the made-up tiny town.
The 29-year-old Sophie said on The Morning Show in March 2021, “We actually knew each other at uni – we went to acting school together years ago.”
“We weren’t actually in contact at the time because we were in separate years, but we were friends back then. Later, we ran into each other on the show. And on the show, our characters met conveniently.”
The painful sequences of Sophie’s breakup with her real-life lover Patrick’s character Ziggy and Dean were broadcast in September 2020.
Sophie adds that even though a lot of followers were having trouble letting go of their relationship, they were able to ignore how the made-up plot affected their own lives.
“As actors by trade, our goal was to produce the best work we could, and we were extremely proud of ourselves for achieving that,” the woman said.
The pair, who were both born in Queensland, announced their departure from Home And Away in February 2023 and are currently residing in London.
Even though it’s simple to picture the TV personalities as leading glamorous lives, Sophie claims that her favourite dates with Patrick are actually quite low-key.
Homemade food is something I adore. Coming home to find that my partner has prepared dinner is the best feeling in the world after a particularly demanding day at work, Sophie said to Now To Love in the beginning of 2022.
“He’s an excellent chef. We’ve enjoyed several wonderful dinners together.
She even acknowledged that, like to most couples, they have their ups and downs, particularly when it comes to activities like taking lengthy car rides together. However, they make an effort to behave well towards one another.
“I’m incredibly blessed that Patty and I get along well; we’ve had quite a few road trips together. We haven’t really been into any serious arguments, I don’t think,” she chuckled.
The pair’s enjoyment of each other permeates their social interactions, and they never hesitate to post humorous selfies for their fans.

Mid-September, Sophie disclosed that following her departure from Home and Away, she had secured her first job.

In an article for Yahoo Lifestyle, Sophie revealed that she would be featured in East London’s Breakfast with Johnny Wilkenson. A “funny theatre show” put on by Wanstead Theatre Company, which she described.

Being an actor in theatre has always been the young actress’s goal.


Patrick posted a sweet birthday tribute to Sophie that included a selection of their favourite moments.

He wrote, “Happy birthday to my best friend ❤️.”

Every day, you amaze me. How fortunate our world is to have you in it. To the moon and back, we adore you. From me and the huge dog, Winnie, xxx.”

Prior to the couple’s departure for Australia, Patrick borrowed Sophie’s sunglasses to get a final photo under the sun.


These two look gorgeous in the summertime of Europe.

Not long after, Sophie posted a picture from the same trip.

In July 2022, the couple left for Europe and vacationed in Greece, where they enjoyed the sun and took this adorable couple selfie.

Their style is Mykonos! And so do their matching sunnies.


On July 2, 2022, Patrick posted a heartfelt message expressing his love alongside a collection of adorable couple photos in honour of Sophie’s 30th birthday.

“Baby, happy birthday! To the moon and back, I adore you! Here we go, dirty thirtysomethings,” he wrote.

Ever the understated pair, Sophie and Patrick ended up matching in their black attire after enjoying a laid-back Italian meal with family.

When Sophie and Patrick left for the 2022 TV WEEK Logie Awards in June, they couldn’t have looked more in love.

These two would absolutely win the “best dressed couple” award if there was one!

Taking advantage of a vacation from filming, the adorable couple travelled together in April 2022.


Patrick posted this photo a few days ago with the message, “My numero uno in melbourno.”

Sophie posted this photo of herself and Patrick on the set of Home and Away, if you can call this gorgeous beach setting a set. This lucky couple gets to spend a lot of time together at work as well.

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