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Home and Away spoilers: Madden has ominous intentions for a terrified Dana


This week’s Home and Away features Dana being dragged into an abandoned warehouse and her life in the hands of dishonest officer Madden.
What, though, is his desire?

Dana (Ally Harris), a wanted woman, emerged from hiding in a recent episode to save her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) from going to jail for harbouring her.
Dana was swiftly taken into prison by Detective Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) and his associate Fletcher (James Biasetto). But what comes next is really scary.
Madden and his suspect vanish from view as Harper and policeman Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) rush to the police station to meet Dana.

Both Cash and Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who Cash is dating, realise something is seriously wrong.
Nicholas tells TV WEEK that “Cash and Rose are on the back foot from the get-go.” However, they are aware that they must move swiftly because things are starting to appear quite dangerous.
When Madden drags Dana into a warehouse and binds her to a chair nearby, it becomes clear what his true motivations are. Next, he gives Fletcher an order to find an alibi before heading back to the police.
There, he tells his fellow police officers a falsehood, claiming Dana has escaped. Then, he texts Fletcher with a menacing message that says, “Do it now.”
Fletcher pulls a syringe from his backpack and walks up to a scared Dana, who cries out for assistance as he gets hold of her. Meanwhile, Rose and Cash are racing to locate her. Just wait, Dana!

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