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Home and Away Spoilers – Kidnap drama for the Paratas family

The Paratas drama is far away this week in Australia, with Gang members Paul and Leon coming back and kidnapping some of their nearest relatives.

In early 2021 Heath Braxton returned with his long awaited appearance as a blinking-and-miss-it helping Tane and Ari solve their problems.

In the Reefton Lakes League Club, the Paratas were challenged to commit armed robbery. But because gang boss Paul had incriminating images of them carrying out another burglary, they felt in a corner. They saw that they would face jail if they were arrested.

Fortunately, he gave his support and gave them assistance in the form of the Mangrove River Boys, his old fellow men. When Ari, Tane, Paul and Leon reached the league club for robbing, Heath and his heavy River Boy ambushed them. The party pulled Paul and Leon into their nuts and took them on a trip to save them from once again following their brothers in Parata.

Ari and Tane were truly confident after weeks of being tormented that things had been over. They didn’t think Paul would be wary of coming after them when they knew that they had on their side the River Boys… but they seemed wrong.

Paul had a month off in order to be fair. He and his boys lulled them into a false sense of safety for a moment, allowing Ari and Tane to return to everyday life.

At that time, with the arrival of Mia and Chloe, his former friend and daughter, whom he referred lovingly as his step-daughter, Ari’s life has turned back. The three became a happy family before Ari was put in jail, while Mia was obliged to warn her daughter Ari shot through, unable to face, that she will spend the next decade behind bars, her beloved father’s character.

Ari’s feelings for Mia are now revived when they are back in the city; he is forced to decide difficulty between his present friend Mac and his predecessor’s wife to live the remainder of his life.

The most enjoyable month off, hence.

Finally, this week, Ari decides to walk away from things with Mackenzie and decides to continue to have a feeling about Mia. Sadly, he doesn’t know that Mackenzie is pregnant with his son, news that won’t make Mia too ready to resume their relationship again. But Mia should put off her old fire. But there is another major thing. She doesn’t even know what his and Tane’s drug cartel is going to do, so it is about to change everything.

This week, Paul comes back to stun the Paratas by taking dramatic steps to attract their attention by attacking them.

Nikau and Bella tell Ari that in scenes in Wednesday’s episode they are about to hang out for a night with Ryder and Chloe, saying that “this would be a great one, so wait no longer.” Then they go to the bus stand and until the morning no one is there for them.

Moments later, though, as the pair wait for a black van to rise at the bus stop at the end of the bay. As Ryder and Chloe go to them, they watch the van rush, open the side doors, and two masked figures spring out in horror!

The masked men pick up and pull them in their van easily. Bella and Nikau will do little more than shouting and shouting when they are addressed by men.

Chloe yells and follows them, leaving a scared Ryder to chase. The couple then go into the van together with their mates and cart the foursome.

They will soon be sealed overnight in a crate for shipment, not knowing what lies ahead. You don’t know at all what happened or why you would go for such a ferocious act. Ari is not the smarter about their condition back in the summer bay, when he just feels they are party for the night.

However, it’s not a great surprise if the four are pulled out of the jar in the morning if their captors are found out like Paul and the crew.

In return for Tane and Ari, who obviously have no choice but to go and revitalise their friendship with the members of the gang, they will free the children. This time, what do they want?

What’s Ari and Mia left for? She just got to the city and figured Ari had put behind him his criminal record. Can Mia take her daughter and run with the bombardment that Ari and her brother continue to engage in some kind of dodgy business, which put her behind bars first?

Rob Kipa-Williams said to Australian TV week magazine, “When he discovers the children, Ari is devastated. Chloe has just come and finally he is persuaded that Mia is behind him in his old life.”

Now, Ari, you might have a little more to convince!

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