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Home and Away’s Levi and Mac get shunned by Summer Bay in new trailer


A new teaser for Home and Away teases that Mackenzie Booth and Levi Fowler will be rejected by Summer Bay.

Behind his wife Imogen’s back, physician Levi has been having an affair with his patient Mac in recent months.

Levi has come clean to Imogen and made the decision to leave her in order to seek a healthy relationship with Mac, even though their affair is still going on in the episodes that are presently running in the UK.

He broke up with his wife in dramatic moments, long before he went to Summer Bay and met Mac.


Naturally, there have been repercussions since their affair was made public. Now, a new teaser for the show has been posted on Instagram, with the phrase, “Will the Bay tear them apart?” hinting at the backlash from the public.

The narrator for the video states, “It started with an affair,” as Levi and Mac encounter Summer Bay’s fury in scenes that will premiere in Australia next week. The Bay is now shunning them. Does love come at too high a cost?

Mac’s business partner Felicity Newman has expressed disapproval of the romance, and their connection has already produced difficulties.

Mac is now retaliating, saying to Felicity in the most recent video, “My personal life should not come between our business partnership. I am with Levi now.”


Levi brings up the “snide words” and “critical looks” that the Summer Bay locals have been giving him. Mac responds, “Cutting us off and isolating us like this? We simply fell in love.”

The teaser also hints that Mac and Levi’s future may not be certain; after the backlash, Mac even suggests they call it quits, a suggestion that breaks Mac’s heart.

He says to her, “I need you to be honest with me.” “Is it really worth it all? Since I would comprehend if you wished to withdraw.”

Will Mac and Levi’s relationship be able to endure this?


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