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Home and Away Spoilers – Who’s getting engaged?


Following Leah and Justin’s nuptials, it appears like another Summer Bay pair may be getting married soon on Home and Away.

In addition, would we be getting to see one more of Eden’s siblings soon?

The Back to the Bay crew observed a big number of cast members attending a festive get-together on the beach during filming in Palm Beach in mid-March.

We can confirm that, as the day progressed, rumors circulated on set that the event in question was, in fact, an engagement party. We expect this to run sometime in August or September, depending on scheduling.


But who could the pair in question be, given that there are a whopping twelve cast members reported to be present, all of whom are either together or have a love past with one another?

Here, we examine the potential contenders. We have also carefully gone through our pictures to see if we can spot any female characters who appear to be wearing rings on the fourth finger of their left hand, even if this isn’t necessarily a reliable sign of engagement these days.

Bree and Remi?

On Australian television screens back in March, Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin) broke up after Remi wouldn’t give up his motorcycle after an accident.


Bree would start dating Nelson Giles (Mahesh Jadu), the director of Stevie’s (Catherine Van-Davies) upcoming film “All Our Tomorrows,” which is now scheduled to be filmed in Summer Bay (much like Stevie herself), according to photos shot during the filming last year.

Now that this has been seen on Australian television for a week, Bree and Nelson’s relationship seemed doomed from the beginning because Nelson is only a temporary visitor to the bay following the tragic conclusion of his filming.

Bree and Remi appear to be back together by the time these scenes air later this year, which is an unexpected turn of events as our images demonstrate.

In some of the mid-afternoon sequences, Remi and Bree seemed to be the main focus. Tane even approached Remi once to give him a bottle of beer and shake his hand.


© Returning to the Bay

© Returning to the Bay

Is Bree sporting a ring for her engagement?

We are able to verify. No, Bree didn’t have a ring on.

Mackenzie and Levi?

Given that the couple’s affair has just recently been made public on Australian television, this would be a swift action.


The duo had been having a secret romance at the farmhouse, only Mac’s housemates Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Tane (Ethan Browne) knowing about it. However, when they made the mistake of kissing in public, where Levi’s sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) saw them, the secret was revealed.

After a while, Levi went back to the city to tell his faithful wife Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) about the affair, and the couple’s marriage was immediately dissolved.

© Returning to the Bay

Given that they must be apart for a minimum of a year before they can begin the divorce process, Levi and Imogen will undoubtedly not be divorced by the time these episodes air, but could Levi be eager to get married again and want to start the process by proposing?

Is Mackenzie’s engagement ring on her finger?

© Returning to the Bay

We are able to verify. No, Mac didn’t have a ring on.

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