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Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou is left mortified as she watches a cringe scene from her first TV series Heartbreak High: ‘Still haunts me’


Ada Nicodemou reacted to an old clip of her dancing from the original Heartbreak High series in a humorous TikTok video that she published.

The 46-year-old star of Home and Away, who began her career in 1994 on the Channel Ten serial show, can be seen winking as she observes the awkward moment.

Her character Katerina may be seen dancing with Salvatore Coco’s Con in the video.

Provocatively swaying her bottom in front of the camera, Kat tried to woo Con with her dance skills.


“Oh my God!” Ada hid her eyes in embarrassment and assured her admirers that the director who filmed this had truly apologized for the opening scene.

“It’s awful!” Why am I dancing like this? I hope Katerina improved a little because this was her first time on the show.

A large number of Ada’s admirers immediately shared their laughter over the hilarious video in the comments section.

One person commented, “Haha, look at Coco’s face,” while another said, “That’s the Heartbreak High I remember.”


It comes after rumors that James Stewart and Ada, the on-screen couple from Home and Away, are having a romantic relationship off-screen.

The news of Ada’s breakup with her eight-year partner Adam Rigby broke last week. There are reports that the couple broke up late last year.

On April 20, Sarah Roberts, the actor’s ex-wife, revealed that their divorce was finalized five weeks prior, in March.

Ada spent nine years as Chrys Xipolitas’ wife. After supposedly having a brief breakup in 2010, they reportedly got back together and welcomed a son, Johnas, in August 2012.


After a permanent divorce from Xipolitas, the actress—who also starred in Keanu Reeves’ film The Matrix—dated businessman Adam Rigby for around eight years before calling it quits in late 2023.

The rumors of James and Ada becoming closer have surfaced since his former partner, Roberts, who formerly starred in Home and Away, told Stellar magazine that the two were no longer together.

“All I want to say is that I’m divorced,” she stated to the newspaper.

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