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Home and Away Spoilers – Has Theo got himself a stalker?


Leah battles Justin’s coddling as she comes home this week in Australia’s Home and Away, while Theo might have a stalker.

Even though Home and Away has only been back on Australian television for a few weeks, a lot has already transpired.

The first episode back saw the lives of Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Justin (James Stewart), and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) turned upside down following a spectacular automobile crash. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who initially blamed Justin, quickly realised that the crash was due to him.

The ute that Flick and Eden were operating had had its brake lines severed by the Death Adders biker group, and Cash was their intended victim. Eden drove the car instead of him due to a last-minute alteration in the original plan.


The final clash, called “End Game,” will take place the next week when Cash confronts Tex (Lucas Linehan), a recently released prisoner thirsty for vengeance. On that, read more here.

But this week, it’s the crash victims and their loved ones who are in trouble.

Leah is finally released from the hospital and goes back to Summer Bay after spending two weeks in the hospital getting better from her wounds. She had serious injuries in the collision, necessitating emergency surgery in order to preserve her, making her shaky on her feet.

Ada says in a statement to TV Week about the shocking crash: “Fortunately she survived, but [she] is quite frail. The road to rehabilitation is long.


Leah is happy to be back and grateful that the doctors were able to save her life, but it doesn’t take her long to start missing the tranquil atmosphere of Northern Districts Hospital.

She wants to feel at home in the bay with her boyfriend Justin and nephew Theo (Matt Evans), but Justin’s coddling soon rubs her the wrong way. She receives attention from the couple as soon as she leaves the hospital, and Justin in especially won’t let her take care of herself.

Ada explains, “Justin is definitely overly protective of Leah. She finds it challenging because he doesn’t give her privacy so soon after returning home from the hospital, despite how romantic it initially seems.

Leah is another person on whom Justin wishes to focus. When Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) requests to begin her maternity leave earlier than planned, he threatens to close the garage while disregarding Theo’s inquiries concerning the band.


Justin only wants to assist and doesn’t realise that doing so is causing Leah to feel constricted. Alf must compel him to leave the house in order to give Leah time with Roo because he is unwilling to allow anybody to see her. Gregory Parker

Leah eventually snaps at him and tells him she wants some space!

Can the two, who have already experienced so much, overcome this most recent challenge?

Meanwhile, Felicity keeps using alcohol as a coping mechanism for her own tragedy.

She attributes the collision to herself. She changed her mind the morning of the wedding, which caused a delay that put her and Eden in Justin and Leah’s path. She believes it was all her fault because Cash hasn’t yet revealed the true cause of the incident.

She despises the fact that Cash had to leave the Parata residence, and her guilt is exacerbated by her inability to contact her brother.


Tane can sense that something is wrong, but he is unaware of how bad things have gotten because she has been drinking whisky from the Salt store cabinet.

Before Felicity’s drinking spirals out of control, will someone notice?

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