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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy Astoni falls down some steps…


Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni (Sofia Dillman) and Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), her boyfriend, are at odds about the name of their pregnant child (1:45pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

Ziggy believes the baby’s last name should be Astoni on a feminist mission.

After all, Ziggy, who is currently pregnant, will be responsible for carrying their child until it is born.

Dean, though, holds that a child can only inherit their mother’s last name if their father is a slacker.


It brings back unpleasant memories of what transpired after he learned that he had a long-lost son named Jai Simmons.

Can the couple come to an agreement?

However, when Ziggy unintentionally trips and falls down the stairs at Salt, they soon have more serious concerns to consider.

As Dean races to the scene, he is horrified.


Ziggy and his unborn child both appear to be unharmed.

Things become competitive between Justin Morgan and John Palmer (Shane Withington) (James Stewart).

Justin makes the decision to start a competing golfing team as John intensifies his recruiting efforts for the forthcoming charity golf tournament!

John and Justin are in a race against time to assemble the greatest squads possible.


But while one of them practises their golf swing, disaster is about to hit.

After learning that Nikau Parata, a local lifesaver, had asked Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os), his new, sort-of girlfriend Stacey Collingwood (Maleeka Gasbarri), out, Xander is in shock.

With Stacey, Xander has chosen to try a non-monogamous relationship.

But he didn’t anticipate her dating a different man so close to where she lived!

Stacey is confronted by Xander, who declares that he just wants to date her.

Stacey believes Xander is attempting to guilt-trip her into keeping things EXCLUSIVE with him.


Will the brief couple decide to split up?

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