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Forbidden romance, blast from the past and debt troubles: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


This week on Home and Away, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) is committed to her new relationship with Theo, despite Bob (Rob Mallet) continuing to fight for her (Matt Evans).

He becomes frantic and requests to take the stage with the band one last time. Theo, however, is devastated when he hears about the update and completely backs out of the gig! Will Bob be allowed to join them on stage as if nothing happened by Lyrik?

Bree (Juliet Godwin), meanwhile, notices that after getting ready for the gig, she suddenly stops. She decides against going because she feels too excited about seeing a man she is not married to. When Remi (Adam Rowland) does not see her in Salt, he goes to the motel out of concern that she might be in trouble. Bree offers him a seat inside after explaining herself. Is a new phase in their relationship about to begin?

The following is the Home and Away schedule for the week beginning January 23.


Since his surprise return to the Bay, Bob has been attempting to win Kirby back, but his attempts haven’t been successful. Not only is Kirby adamant that she is no longer interested, but Remi and Eden also have no interest in him, and Theo won’t take his insults about how he is simply a rebound seriously. Bob, who has become increasingly desperate, begs Kirby if he can play one final show with Lyrik to rescue his musical career. Kirby accepts begrudgingly and leaves a voicemail for Theo to explain. When Theo learns the news, he is devastated and comes to his own conclusion. When Lyrik arrive for their performance at Salt later on, they realise Theo won’t be there. Will the band allow Theo to be replaced by Bob, who volunteers to step in?

Bree and Remi eventually succumb to their emotions.
Since Bree visited his home seeking comfort after Jacob eventually left for a few more months, Remi and Bree have become closer. Bree, feeling pressed by his barrage of inquiries, backtracks and vows to keep the conversation light. She accepts his invitation to the performance at Salt, which makes him eager to perform in front of her. Later, Bree gets ready at the hotel, beams at her mirror, and then fumbles. Why does she put on makeup for a man who is not her husband? Remi shows up at Bree’s door a few hours later and asks what happened. Bree draws Remi in with a longing glance, and they finally give way to their emotions…

Justin and Theo are informed by Mackenzie that they owe her thousands of dollars.

Mackenzie is enraged after Lyrik’s live show went horribly wrong. If they can’t even put on a trustworthy event, how can she keep the band together? Additionally, she lost money on the additional employees she hired for the evening, extra drinks, and extra food. She summons Justin for a meeting early in the morning and expresses her rage. As band manager, Justin is to blame for Lyrik’s unprofessional behaviour that has damaged the reputation of her restaurant.


At that point, Theo enters, claiming that since he was the one who missed the appointment, he should accept responsibility. But Mackenzie just thinks about getting paid back for her missing wages, which amount more than $2,000. Theo immediately promises to pay it back, but when they leave the bar he realises he has no idea how to get that type of money.

Xander and Stacey intensify their relationship.
After running to a man’s help in Salt and bringing him to the hospital, Xander has been left wondering if he botched up his first date with newbie Stacey. However, he is relieved to discover when he sees her a few days later that she would be open to going out with him once more. After an impromptu second date, they return to Salt, where Mackenzie needs assistance. Once more, Xander rushes behind the bar to save the day, truly impressing Stacey. When she gets back to his house, he takes her to the bedroom as she wonders what other hidden talents he might have.

Mackenzie confesses that she no longer wants to live with Dean and Ziggy.

Dean is perplexed by Mackenzie’s continued ranting at her brother about Lyrik’s dependability on the unsuccessful gig night at Salt. When she considers completely terminating Lyrik’s contract, he is even more shocked. When Dean questions what is truly causing his sister’s distress, she discloses that she was preparing to organise her finances in order to leave Dean’s home in time for the new baby.


Dean is shocked because he always welcomes her! But Mackenzie says that since she’s single and single and ready to date, she doesn’t want to live in a house with a newborn baby.

A fundraising obstacle faces Roo and Marilyn.
Roo has made the decision to support Marilyn’s cause and sign up at the city’s communal kitchen. The two buddies make the decision to step up their efforts and organise a project to aid disturbed children. Alf concurs that Roo enjoys taking on a project. What could they do, though? The two start brainstorming but come up with a long list of ideas without having a clear objective in mind.

Alf then proposes calling the shelter and genuinely asking what they need. The shelter requires a food truck, so Roo does just that and reports back. The only issue is that it will set you back roughly $40,000. Roo and Marilyn understand they must raise a significant amount of money, but how will they manage it?

When Cash brings her foster father to town, Felicity is enraged.

Despite Cash’s best efforts to convince her that it could be a good idea to make amends, Felicity has been obstinately refusing to allow her foster father, Gary, to travel to town for the wedding. Cash decides to take matters into his own hands and extends an invitation to Gary to the Bay in an effort to reunite the two. To protect the secret from his sister, Cash swiftly hustles Gary away when he arrives outside the house. When Felicity gets home later, she finds Gary standing in her living room. She froze, then becomes enraged and claims that her brother ambushed her.

Can Xander withstand the surprise update Stacey has for him?
Rose inquires about Xander’s night, knowing that he had a visitor, as he is beaming from his passionate night with Stacey. She is not overly nosy; all she wants is for her brother to be content. Instead, she offers to assist by staying away for an additional night so Xander may have his “visitor” over once again. Xander is overjoyed and heads over to Stacey to propose a different date.


But Stacey throws him a surprise by saying that she’s busy tonight. She even has a date with another person. She explains that she enjoys dating multiple people at once and that she doesn’t believe in monogamy. Can Xander handle dating outside of a monogamous relationship?

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