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Ending Neighbours was a ‘business decision’ says Channel 5 boss


Neighbours’ cancellation was a “business choice,” according to Channel 5, since they intended to invest more money on UK-based programmes.

The head of programming for Channel 5 indicated that the money spent on the Australian soap opera may be better used elsewhere.

The last sequences for the 1985 television drama Neighbours, which depicts the lives of people who live and work in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough, were filmed in the first few weeks of June.

After being dropped by Channel 5 earlier this year, it is ending production because it was unable to find fresh funding.


The decision to cancel Neighbours was “a business choice,” Frow told the Radio Times.

He answered “Yes,” when asked if he could have spent a lot of money to keep the show running. I had two options: I could buy other things with the money, which is what I chose to do. The money from Neighbours would be better spent on UK programming.

Frow refuted claims that another Australian soap opera, Home And Away, is currently in danger of being cancelled.

He said, “No. However, I think it will be intriguing to observe how we use it as we advance. There may be another location on the 5 spectrum where it belongs.


However, because of the life-of-series agreement, nothing will change until the producers decide to halt production.

Frow also took the time to laud Nadine Dorries, the culture secretary, for her prior description of Channel 5 as the “leveling-up channel.”

He said that he had read a few of her books, stating, “I read The Four Streets, which starts in Liverpool during the Blitz.

Therefore, I was able to inform her that Liverpool, not London, served as the lens through which we studied the Blitz over the course of three nights.


“That demonstrates our regionality. I really liked her, you know.

When asked if Channel 5 intended to adapt any of her books for television, Frow said, “Not soon. I’ve learned not to rule anything out.

“However, I liked her. And I see that Channel 4 has attempted to claim that it is the channel for levelling up, but we are.

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