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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity and Tane give in to temptation


Next week on the UK’s Home and Away, Tane and Felicity find something unexpected and end up sleeping together, while Summer Bay Surf Club might be saved by an unidentified donation.

Next week, as they continue to work out how to be around each other after their marriage ends, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) encounter yet another obstacle.

Tane recently tried to move on from Flick by kissing his buddy Harper (Jessica Redmayne), but he took a break to visit his family in New Zealand. Flick removed her wedding ring and put it in a box with the korowai and wedding picture, appearing to show that she had come to terms with their split.

Tane meets Flick outside the surf club as soon as he gets back to Summer Bay and tells him that he has told his family about their marital dissolution.


Flick is pleased that Tane has his whanau’s backing, but he is unaware that this has already started Tane contemplating a significant life change.

Not only is Harper happy to see Tane, but her sister Dana (Ally Harris) can’t help but hint that Harper hasn’t been showing up for her sessions since she found out about the kiss.

Dana reminds Tane and Harper to conduct themselves professionally when they work out the following morning.

Dana retorts that Harper bites too easily after Harper pulls her sister aside and reminds her that she and Tane are simply mates.


As Tane questions Harper about their relationship, Harper is compelled to acknowledge that she told Dana about their kiss.

Flick, who was once certain that Tane and Harper were having an affair, has already been feeling envious of their friendship. There is an awkward moment as the two pack up and return to the club only to find Flick outside.

Dana acknowledges that she might have gone too far with the Tane joke when she and Harper first meet in Salt. In an attempt to capture her sister’s unique moment of self-awareness, Harper records it for future generations.

Dana gives up and swears on television not to bring up Tane kissing Harper ever again.


Dana’s face drops as she opens her eyes, realising that Flick was waiting for them with their drinks directly behind Harper!

The sisters are humiliated, but Flick keeps her cool as she delivers the coffees and goes back to the bar.

Harper is taken aback by Flick’s response and asks when exactly it happened, thanking her for her honesty. Harper feels she should give Flick an explanation and tells her that she and Tane will never be a thing.

Harper tells Tane that Flick might be headed for trouble soon since she can’t help but think a storm is about to blow up.

Later, when Tane discovers Flick at home, he expectantly tells Harper that their kiss was merely a meaningless, insignificant moment. However, Flick maintains her impressively composed demeanour once more, telling him he doesn’t have to explain himself because they are no longer together and her only concern is for him to be happy.

Her response impresses Tane, and they exchange smiles, rekindling their long-lost romance. Unexpectedly, Tane finds himself giving Flick a kiss.


After a little while, the two stop and attempt to understand what they’re doing, but it doesn’t take them long to fall in to temptation and enter the bedroom.

Will this just make things more complicated, or are Flick and Tane back on?

In other news, Summer Bay Surf Club needs to be saved because James Lugton’s (Simon Henderson) sponsorship has been withdrawn.

Despite his threats of penalties, the Yabbie Creek real estate agent took his $30,000 out of the club following Alf’s reinstatement of club manager John (Shane Withington).

After Roo (Georgie Parker) and Dana (Ally Harris) discovered that Simon had also been buying off club committee members to resign, putting the club in danger due to a lack of quorum, they reported their discoveries to the police.

After Rose (Kirsty Marillier) received confirmation from Simon’s son Banjo (Michael Cameron) regarding the payments, she consented to speak with Simon.

It’s not good news, though, when she gets back from their meeting next week. Simon was extremely open about it, but all he said was that he was giving his pals money gifts. Rose is at a loss for what to do because she cannot demonstrate that it was a bribe and Simon is aware that he is above the law.

After the mass exodus, Roo assumed the role of club secretary and decided to post an advertisement in the Coastal News seeking sponsors.

When Alf reads it, he’s not impressed; to him, it seems shameful and like begging, but Roo and John think it was a wise decision—especially because the editor agreed to publish it in the newspaper for free.

Short-term cash infusion is required, and Roo determines that raising prices for its commercial tenants—Manta Ray Boards, Salt, and Summer Bay Fit—would be the best course of action.

John and Alf are not thrilled with the idea, with Alf feeling that the renters should not be responsible for fixing it. However, Roo notes that the club has undergone renovations and that rates haven’t been increased in a while.

Tane, Flick, and Mali (Kyle Shilling) are summoned to a meeting by John, Roo, and Alf to discuss their proposal to raise rates by 10%. After their brief liaison, Flick and Tane feel uncomfortable with one another and are eager to leave, so they consent to the increase right away.

Mali is also not bothered by it. John is surprised to see that everyone is on board, and the meeting ends quickly.

To Alf’s concern, Roo wonders if they could go to the Coastal News with the complete story of Simon’s sabotage, because there don’t seem to be any donations coming in after sending an email to all members. The following morning, Roo gives John a draft. John is concerned that mentioning Simon would result in a defamation lawsuit.

When Roo later gets an email from a solicitor informing her that they have received a $30,000 donation from an anonymous donor, it appears that it won’t be necessary after all.

The fact that the donation is for the precise amount that Roo and John had lost astounds and confounds them equally. a figure that only a few people seem to be aware of.

Behind the mysterious donation, who is it?

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