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Home and Away star Georgie Parker explains decision to take breaks from show


Georgie Parker, an actor on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, has revealed why she frequently takes short vacations from it.

Parker has been starring in the soap opera as Roo Stewart since 2010, however she occasionally takes time off to participate in plays and pantomimes.

Speaking to TV Week in Australia, Parker expressed her gratitude for the freedom to pursue other interests in between Roo’s main plot points.

She remarked: “I don’t envy the writers because they have to continually writing me out of the show so I can come and go, to do the plays and other tiny engagements here and there.


“At this point in my career, I believe it’s critical that I get to investigate all of my alternatives for working with individuals that I’ve worked with for 40 years. For this reason, I’m really appreciative that I can do both.”

Parker is happy with the storylines she received for Roo from the previous year, looking back.

“What the writers have managed to give Roo, I’m very happy with,” she declared. She’s lived a long life, and this year has been a lot of fun getting to know new personalities and interacting with them.”

The serial star Ray Meagher, who portrays Roo’s father Alf, was a pantomime performer back in the UK. He quit doing it several years ago, and it appears that he is content with that choice.


“It’s been wonderful to be back having hot Australian Christmases, rather than freezing English ones,” added the politician.

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