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Home and Away spoilers: Bree baby bombshell, Felicity trauma exposed and triple exit


Bree from Home and Away finds she is pregnant, but she is unsure if Remi or Jacob is the father. In the meantime, three faces depart from the Bay, and Felicity flees to face her demons.

As they make up for missed time, Cash and Eden from Home and Away are trapped in their relationship bubble.

Felicity, who forced them into bed, is relieved that her brother found true love.

Tane misses Felicity but understands her desire for privacy even if she keeps her walls up. Tane is lost without his ex-fiance.


Felicity informs Tane that she is leaving Summer Bay after resolving to act in Tane’s best interests.

Tane tries to kiss Felicity because he can’t bear to lose her, but she pulls away.

a feeling of guilt Felicity leaves Summer Bay by hitchhiking a ride with an unknown person.

Cash fears his sister has suffered another breakdown when he learns that Felicity has fled.


Felicity arrives at her foster father Gary’s door in her hometown of the country, heartbroken.

Gary takes Felicity to her parents’ graves after she reveals that here is the site where her life went awry.

Felicity ultimately lets down her walls when she is by herself and speaks to her deceased father.

Felicity promises to mend her ways and is prepared to go to any lengths to get happiness.


He is hurt by Felicity’s disappearance, yet he nevertheless abandons everything to be by her side and shows up to Gary’s door.

Felicity finally confesses her love for Tane while pushing through her discomfort.

Dean is unable to stop Amber from taking Jai to Queensland, and he feels helpless to stop her.

Ziggy offers that they also relocate to Queensland so that they can all start over together and so that Dean can be a parent to both of his children.

Dean and Ziggy get ready to tell Mackenzie the thrilling reality of relocating to Queensland has sunk in.

But Dean backtracks and decides they can’t relocate to Queensland when Mackenzie sobs in his arms about Gabe’s treatment.


Mali volunteers to step up for Dean after seeing Mackenzie break down and pledges to be Mackenzie’s strongest supporter.

Mali interprets Dean giving him the board shop as a sign that Summer Bay is where he’s meant to be.

Ziggy takes matters into her own hands and tells Mackenzie the truth: they are relocating to Queensland to be with Dean’s son.

like a true sister, Mackenzie instructs Dean to take care of Jai like his father because, unlike Jai, she can live without her brother.

Dean and Ziggy reflect on their past experiences in Summer Bay as they observe the location of their initial encounter and love affair.

As Dean, Ziggy, and baby Izzy say goodbye to the Bay for good, their friends give them a last-minute send-off.

Gabe should move in with Mackenzie as she gets ready for life without Dean and Ziggy.

Theo is uncomfortable at home, but Ava goes over and above to make things right.

Ava wins Justin back over by making dinner for the family, but Theo is not persuaded by her good girl persona.

Ava, on the defensive, alleges Theo led her on when he confronts her about her behaviours.

Leah is enraged by Theo’s request to move in with Kirby because she can’t stand to see him evicted from his own house. Theo is desperate to escape the tension.

Roo offers to become Ava’s tutor to keep an eye on her because she wants to assist.

Ava, a teenager, is not thrilled about hiring a babysitter, and she isn’t afraid to express it.

Leah orders Justin to handle his kid since she won’t let an adolescent run the house.

Ava has Justin help her perfect her angelic act, but Roo sees how upset she is when Theo moves out and it becomes apparent that she still has emotions for the musician.

He begs Theo to reconsider leaving because Justin and Leah are starting to fall out.

Theo, though, is sure that it is risky ground to have a 16-year-old fall head over heels for him.

Leah is being overly dramatic, in Justin’s opinion, and he doesn’t like that Roo was chosen to spy on Ava.

Justin loses his cool and accuses Theo of agitating the family.

Bree is acting bravely across the bay, but she is actually broken.

Remi chooses to concentrate on the band rather than Bree in order to escape the awkwardness with her.

But he confronts Bree because he can’t help but believe that something is wrong.

Remi is unaware that Bree is pregnant, and she is unsure if Remi or Jacob is the father.

She understands that alerting Remi about her pregnancy would also require her to admit to having slept with Jacob while being held captive.

Bree believes that the only way out is to entirely cut Remi out of her life.

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