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Home and Away to air emotional new storyline for Bree Cameron


Her inability to confide with Remi following a significant revelation.

Next week, heartbreaking scenes from Home and Away will air on UK television as Bree Cameron struggles to maintain her distance from Remi Carter.

Bree decides to stop seeing Remi since she is having trouble telling him that she is pregnant.

Following the conclusion of her trauma with her abusive husband Jacob, Bree puts on a brave front and attempts to appear as joyful as she can in upcoming scenes on Channel 5.


Remi doesn’t put any pressure on Bree to move further with their relationship since he respects her boundaries and instead concentrates on his obligations to Lyrik.

Remi can’t help but think that Bree is concealing something when their relationship becomes uncomfortable.

Bree is asked by Remi if he has done anything wrong, but she is unable to respond.

Then viewers learn that Bree is expecting a baby, although she is unsure if Remi or Jacob is the father.


Knowing that she would also need to explain how she was coerced into sleeping with Jacob after he kidnapped her, Bree is afraid to tell Remi about the pregnancy.

Bree knows she shouldn’t feel bad about this because it wasn’t consented to, but she worries Remi won’t get it.

Bree believes there is only one way out, which is to entirely shut Remi out of her life. Has the couple’s future potential been eliminated at this point?

The major tale serves as a prelude to the Home and Away blockbuster fortnight that will air on UK television in May.


Bree’s tale will take main stage as the long-running soap opera reaches its milestone 8,000th episode, along with Tane Parata and Felicity Newman’s second wedding, danger for Xander Delaney, and a plot involving Justin Morgan’s surprise arrest.

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