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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni leave Summer Bay in emotional final scenes


The popular characters bow out.

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next Monday, the final moments starring Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni will air on UK television.

Early in March, the popular couple left Australian television, but because of a transmission gap on Channel 5, they continued to air in the UK.


In upcoming scenes, Dean learns the unexpected news that his ex-girlfriend Amber Simmons and their little son Jai have decided to go to Far North Queensland.

Dean is devastated by the information because it means he will now have to travel 21 hours to see his son.

Izzy, Dean and Ziggy’s newborn daughter, was just delivered, and they’re unsure how they’ll manage to maintain their family unit.

In the end, Ziggy is the one who advises that they also relocate to Queensland.


Ziggy makes the point that not much will keep them in Summer Bay, thus it makes sense for them to start anew where Dean will be a father to both of his children.

Dean accepts that they are going to Queensland and is touched that Ziggy wants to make such a significant change for his sake.

Later, when his sister Mackenzie Booth sobs at the cancer diagnosis of her lover Gabe Miller, Dean has second thoughts.

Unaware of her brother’s departure, Mac immediately turns to Dean for consolation. Then Dean wonders how he can act when Mac most needs him.


Ziggy steps in and informs Mac of the impending move and Dean’s reluctance due to Gabe’s sickness. She believes Mac will approve of Dean making the move after all.

As Ziggy had anticipated, Mac replies by urging Dean to leave and raise Jai as a father.

When Mac argues that while Jai can’t function without him, she can, Dean becomes persuaded.

Dean and Ziggy reflect on their time together as they spend their dying minutes in the Bay by going back in time.

As Dean and Ziggy go off to Queensland together, friends and family gather to say their goodbyes.

The actors who played Dean and Ziggy, Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman, wrapped up filming for the show late last year.


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