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Home and Away spoiler: Bree goes overboard with Remi


Kirby visits Remi in his hospital ward after just returning from a surf. But Bree, who is piercing and icy, interrupts her. Reluctant to jeopardise Remi’s health, Bree persuades Kirby that it would be safer for him if she retracts her statement. When Remi awakens, he is disoriented and unable to recall the specifics of what happened before his injury.

After Justin persuades Kirby that seeing Remi is crucial, she makes another attempt to see her, bringing magazines and chocolate along. Bree yells, rips Kirby away, and tells her to do what she is told. After seeing the entire mess, Remi presses Bree, but she doesn’t seem to care. She defends her conduct by mentioning that she witnessed him pushing his painkiller the entire time Kirby was around.

Leah arrives to stay with Alf and Marilyn in the interim. Alf acknowledges that he told Justin that Leah was here, even though they are thrilled that everything will be as it was. After initially being outraged, Leah gives in because she knew that Justin and Theo would ultimately find out. Leah tells Alf why she might never be able to go back home to them: she cut the man she loves, and that’s why she can’t go back.

Nevertheless, Leah contacts Theo after being gently prodded to do so by Alf. She clarifies that despite not being ready to see Justin, her stay at the clinic has allowed her to make significant progress. Justin is updated by Theo. But this only makes him more determined to meet Leah, and he shows up at Alf’s house.


Leah grudgingly lets him in, but makes an effort to emphasise how serious her mental health is. She experienced a breakdown and fears hurting him once more.

Harper is still figuring out how to keep her friendship with Tane after he kissed her in another place. As she watches him complete a boot camp lesson, she approaches with a plan. They both agree that maybe the best course of action would be to act as though nothing had happened, and she wants their friendship to remain.

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