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Home and Away spoiler: Kirby pushes Bree over her secret


Kirby subtly tells Felicity that Bree is concealing a family secret from Remi because she doesn’t seem to be being truthful about her dad. Felicity only has one choice because of her recent history of concealing the truth: everything works better in the open.

After hearing Kirby’s advise, Remi finds out that Bree’s father is on life support. While it makes sense that he would want his partner to see her dying father, Bree is still hesitant. She tells him that she couldn’t stomach anything awful happening to Remi and that she has always feared being punished for what she did to Jacob. Bree eventually decides to go after Remi pushes her to go.

Harper is compelled to ask Dana to stop talking about her near-kiss with Tane because it’s uncomfortable for both of them. Dana can’t help but wind her sister up about it. Felicity hears a reference to the kiss and quickly turns away as Dana quips that she will keep her own lips shut.

Harper, who is all too aware of Felicity’s history of jealousy, confronts Felicity right away and tells her straight out that their one kiss following the fundraiser was insignificant. Felicity chooses the moral high ground, leaving after praising Harper for her candour.


Harper, still reeling from the heated exchange, informs Tane right away that Felicity is aware of the kiss. He’s shocked to hear that they’ve already talked about it, but he’s not surprised that Felicity seemed to be more upset by the time of the kiss than the actual kiss itself—it came after a tender moment of reconciliation between them both.

Sensing he needs to contain the damage, Tane dashes over to Felicity’s place to have a conversation. His former partner is composed and forgiving, emphasising that they are no longer together and that he owes her no answer. Tane finds her maturity surprising. They share a heated encounter that swiftly transitions into a kiss into the bedroom.

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