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Home and Away spoiler: Levi leaves Mackenzie shocked


John and Roo are containing the damage. In an attempt to raise money for Surf Club, Roo faked a newspaper article, and he’s been looking for ways to save expenses.

When Roo suggests raising the rent, John is adamantly opposed. Although Roo maintains that this is a business, Alf disagrees with her strategy as well. He has been making an effort to keep things under wraps, unwilling to reveal the dirty laundry of the Surf Club. He is adamant that it is his problem and no one else’s.

When Roo finds out through email that the Surf Club has just been given a donation of $30,000.00—exactly the same amount that Henderson took out just now—the situation gets worse. It’s impossible to identify who sent it. This is amazing news, yet it raises serious questions.

Felicity feels hopeful about their reunion as Tane and she wake up, but Tane seems chilly. He insists they not read too much into what transpired between them and uses the impending Surf Club meeting as justification for his hasty departure.


They both concur that it’s OK for their respective firms and that the projected rent increase is the last thing on their thoughts.

They each tell their inner circle about what happened the night before, albeit from different perspectives. Felicity thinks Tane is starting to change his mind about their reconciliation.

Tane, though, believes that the evening was a grave error. He visits her after deciding it’s crucial to express his views. He is adamant that what they did was wrong and that it can never happen again. He says he’s heading to New Zealand, but he’s not sure how long he’ll be there, so he can’t be around her any more.

Mali is still not cool with Mackenzie dating her doctor, but he is still encouraging her to get better. He continues to pick her up when she needs it and accompanied her to her doctor’s visit. When Levi calls, she feels better, and the two of them go for a romantic stroll on the beach.


Mackenzie presses for an explanation of Levi’s evasive behaviour regarding them. They both desire each other, to put it as simply as possible, and he concurs. They’re heading towards the bedroom at her apartment that evening when Levi pauses, gives an excuse, and quickly leaves.

When he returns the following day, Mac is furious and expresses her obvious distaste for the games. Levi finally admits to being married.

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