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The surprising impacts of Home and Away you never considered


Home and Away, Australia’s beloved TV serial, has been on screens since 1988, and it appears that Aussies – and fans all over the world – can’t get enough of it.

The soap continues to be an important part of the Australian television landscape and creative industries after nearly 34 seasons and 7,715 episodes.

The Seven Network commissioned a report on the show’s effects as a result of its lasting popularity, and some of the conclusions may surprise you.

The fictional beach hamlet of Summer Bay is the setting for Australia’s second-longest drama series, Home and Away.


The show tells current events that represent contemporary Australian society and sparks debate.

Every week, it reaches an average of one million Australians.


The following data demonstrate the positive impact of its storytelling and production.


Economic ramifications


Home and Away is a worldwide sensation, having been distributed to over 145 countries.


The show is particularly popular with UK viewers, who may watch it on free-to-air TV five days a week.


Its accomplishment has brought $7.5 billion to the Australian economy over the next 33 years, or $221 million each year on average.


According to the figures, the soap is one of Australia’s most popular media exports.


Employment has an impact.

Home and Away has been a crucial launching pad for aspiring Australian performers, with several of them finding success in Hollywood as a result of their work on the show.


Isla Fisher, Naomi Watts, Chris Hemsworth, Heath Ledger, Dannii Minogue, and Isabel Lucas are just a handful of the previous cast members who have gone on to have successful careers in Hollywood.


Summer Bay’s popularity isn’t limited to the actors; producers, camera operators, and directors have all achieved success since the film’s release.


On the set of Home and Away, camera operator Jason Ewart claims he “learned numerous techniques” that he still utilises today on productions like No Time To Die, The Batman, and Star Wars.


Each year, the exhibition generates between 1,500 and 2,000 jobs.



Some of them may have appeared as extras in only one scene, while others, like Alf Stewart, may have had a 33-year run on the show.

Tourism has an impact.

Since 1988, Home and Away has acquired a massive global following.


The UK, Ireland, and New Zealand are the three most important global markets among the 145 countries where the show is broadcast.


These markets appear to translate into visits to Australia, with a 33% rise in desire to visit Australia after watching Home and Away, according to the survey.


This could be due to the show’s lovely setting on Sydney’s sunny Palm Beach, which may inspire holiday vibes or memories.


After seeing the show, viewers from the United Kingdom and Ireland indicated the greatest desire to visit Australia, despite the lengthy and expensive journey.

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