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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Valerie, Leah’s former clinic roommate, arrives to stay in Summer Bay in the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

In other scenes, Mackenzie learns that Levi is a married man, while Tane and Felicity have an intense reunion.

  1. Theo finds himself torn between Justin and Leah

As Leah and Justin want him to keep an eye on each other, Theo finds himself in the midst.

Theo eventually loses his cool and tells Leah he can no longer be involved in her relationship problems because it is all getting to be too much for him.


Leah determines that it’s time for them to have an adult conversation after learning about Justin’s horrible situation.

  1. Greet Valerie.

As they finally meet in person at the garage, Leah and Justin decide that using Theo as their go-between is unfair. Leah is overwhelmed when Justin tells her how much he misses her, so she runs off.

Later, Valerie, Leah’s roommate from the clinic, pays her a visit at the Diner.

Irritated that Leah hasn’t come back to Justin, Valerie devises a scheme to attempt to bring the two back together.

  1. Cash is reconsidering

Cash seems content with his life outside of law enforcement, but Eden worries that her partner threw behind his entire career for a whim.

Rose immediately goes over to Cash’s place after learning what has transpired and chastises him for being so impulsive.

Her remarks obviously ring true, and Cash admits to Eden afterwards that he could have made a snap judgement.

  1. Cash thinks about switching careers

When Rose sees Cash again, she tells him she’s been offered a promotion to his status, which essentially means she’s assuming his position.


Cash ignores his own emotions and takes Rose out to celebrate after congratulating her on her accomplishment.

Cash opens up to Rose over a drink and says he regrets instructing HQ where to go.

But when Rose says a friend of hers has recently moved into security and provides Cash his phone, there might be a new chance in sight.

  1. Bree gets heartbreaking news.

When Eden gets to the hospital to see Remi, she notices that Bree is becoming more and more possessive of him.

When the doctor’s mother calls to inform her that Bree’s father has been in an accident and is on life support, her concern only grows.

Bree is so distraught that she can’t even tell Remi what’s happening, so she confides in Kirby and sobs in her arms.

  1. Remi backs Bree

Kirby tells Felicity her secret as Bree keeps Remi in the dark about her father.

Flick believes Kirby should be honest with Remi since she burned her fingers on deceit, and Kirby complies.

Remi begs Bree to visit her dying father, but she fears something terrible will happen if she does. Bree feels like she’s being punished for what she did to Jacob.

Bree consents to go after Remi is able to reassure her after some discussion.

  1. Felicity learns about Harper and Tane

Felicity is taken aback to learn that Tane pursued Harper minutes after their marriage had reached a point of resolution.

Harper tries to diffuse any jealousy by saying that the kiss was little and was very fleeting.

Flick appears to take it well, but Tane knows he wants to contain the damage, so he visits Felicity’s to have a conversation.

  1. Felicity shares a bed with Tane.

After telling Harper why he kissed her, Tane is surprised by Felicity’s thoughtful reply. But the ex-couples wind up sharing a bed as old feelings revive.

After that, Tane informs Felicity that they made a big mistake and that it will never happen again, dashing her dreams for a reconciliation.

Tane says he’s heading to New Zealand and doesn’t know when or if he’ll come back, just to make sure Felicity knows there’s no turning back.

  1. A lifeline is thrown to Roo

When Roo gets an anonymous donation of $30,000—exactly the amount that Henderson took—there could yet be hope for the Surf Club.

Alf is adamant that they keep the donation and overrides Roo, who has doubts about it and wants to speak with a lawyer to make sure it’s legal.

Roo subsequently finds out that the donation is authentic. But when Alf packs his bags and heads to Martha, she’s left to handle things on her own.

  1. Levi gives Mac a shocking revelation.

Mali expresses his displeasure with Mackenzie’s developing romance with Levi, even as he continues to encourage her recuperation.

Mac, meanwhile, is excited about the prospect of a future with her attractive surgeon but is perplexed when Levi appears hesitant to resume their sexual relations.

She approaches Levi because she is fed up with receiving conflicting messages, and she is shocked to learn that he is wed.

  1. Levi is in a difficult situation.

The information that Levi has a secret wife named Imogen upends Mac’s entire existence.

Mali asks his friend to talk to Levi so she can grasp what’s going on rather than giving a canned “I-told-you-so” response.

Levi’s answer is straightforward: everything changed for him when he met Mackenzie; there is no drama with his wife.

The couple stays together for one more night, but Imogen’s ringing sound steals their joy the following morning.

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