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Home and Away reveals Stevie’s stalker in 15 spoiler pictures


Next week, Stevie Marlow will experience unsettling scenes on Channel 5’s Home and Away as her enigmatic stalker launches an assault and finally reveals his identity.

Levi Fowler concerns in another scene when knowledge of his affair gets out and begins to circulate across Summer Bay.

On June 3, a Monday, Levi is terrified.
Eden had already seen him kissing Mackenzie.

On Monday, June 3, Levi goes back to Mac’s house.
He is curious as to whether Eden will tell his wife Imogen about the affair.


Monday, June 3: Mali provides an update on the circumstances.
Mac explains all of this.

Monday, June 3: Mali has felt engulfed in the drama for weeks, and Mac feels embarrassed about causing so much of it.

June 3, Monday: Levi has trouble falling asleep
He is consumed by thoughts of his betrayal of Imogen.

On Monday, June 3, Mac discovers Levi going through Imogen’s texts. Levi characterizes the messages as being full of lies.


June 3rd, Monday: Mac reaches out to offer Levi assistance.
She can see how much he is having trouble.

June 3rd, Monday: Mac is hoping for a good turning point.
Before Eden tells him the truth for him, will Levi finally act morally and tell Imogen the truth?

Monday, June 3: Rose arrives to witness Mali Tane, who has finally turned himself in, being detained for allegedly kidnapping the infant.

Monday, June 3: Mali is confronted by Rose
She wonders why he delayed informing her about Tane and the baby’s whereabouts.


Monday, June 3: There is no apology from Mali.
He believes that by going to see Tane and offering him the opportunity to turn himself in, he made the correct decision.

June 3, Monday: Rose is irritated
Their partnership is in jeopardy, and Mali might soon be charged with something.

On Tuesday, June 4, Stevie goes to a work function.
After hiding from her stalker for weeks, she’s ready to resume her life.

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