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TBT Disturbing Content!! The actor of Home and Away Bryan Wiseman tells of mental illness in the Sylvanian family since childhood rape

The former Home and Away actor Bryan Wiseman said to his rapist nearly 40 years after childhood was raped that no jail term could compensate him the misery he suffered for years.

60 year-old Trevor Allan Dale was sentences to at least eight months behind bars for raping Mr Wiseman in 1980 at a district court of the NSW District Court.

The vicious assault has caused bleeding and ‘excreasing’ agony for the then 10-year-old.

Dale pleaded guilty to the rape and indescribable attack and admitted two other counts of indignant attack.

The hands and voice of Mr Wiseman shook when reading Friday’s Victim’s comment.
At Mr. Wiseman’s house in sylvania, Dale assaulted the victim from the summer of 1979-80.

He would watch the little boy behind a grandmother’s home as they played in the family courtyard together.

The 20-year-old would say after the abuse: “You shouldn’t do that to me.”

After he’s been raped, Mr. Wiseman said he got into trouble because his father believed that his soccer ball causes harm to the grandmother’s flat.

Mr Wiseman told the Court he had met a boy on Dale’s street when he was seven to warn him of a paedophile.

This incident led to a “horrible teasing and bullying” assault over the remainder of his school time.

Chronic depression and posttraumatic stress disorder have been diagnosed for the star. He suffers from panic attacks every day and is still important.

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